Stan Lee: The man who unmasked the 'superheroes' in us

DailyBiteNov 13, 2018 | 16:29

Stan Lee: The man who unmasked the 'superheroes' in us

Superheroes are not born, they are indeed made.

Stan Lee created a world of masked do-gooders and made us believe in the power of creation. In doing so, the legendary writer, editor, publisher and Marvel co-creator became the real-life hero of comic book lovers.

stan-lee_111318031427.jpgStan Lee poses at the premiere of Spider-Man 2 in Los Angeles in 2004. (Credit: Reuters)

The man who revitalised the comics industry with superheroes — Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, among many other characters — Lee should be remembered and thanked for giving these fictional characters the real-life complexities and emotional colours even in their all-action avatar.

In all these very real, very fictional stories ran a common thread — how we overcome our inabilities and turn them into our strength. But what good is our strength if we use that power for evil instead of good?

marevellous_111318032629.jpgMarvel Age Comic Books — Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and more. (Credit: YouTube)

There are too many superheroes everywhere these days, both fictional and not-so-fictional — all created by us, in our imagination. But those following the exploits of superheroes are actually looking for the hero in real life other than the toy-based versions.

hulk_111318031754.jpgThe Incredible Hulk (first issue, (May 1962). In the first comic book, Bruce Banner transformed into a grey Hulk before the character's colour was changed to green. (Credit: Twitter)

In our search and hope to discover our inner superhero we hide behind simulated motions in animation films, graphic rugged bravado commericalised by a storm of films, comic books, merchandising.

tussads_111318032026.jpgWax figures designed to look like characters from The Avengers on display at at Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York. (Credit: Reuters)

If the Stan Lees of the world created superheroes, it's us — the fans — who have immoratalised the fictional world of Iron Mans and Spider-Mans. Somewhere hoping to someday find our own spider-like minds mutating into powerful creatures with the agility and strength of an arachnid, and not remain stuck in the cobwebs of time.

Or a Hulk whose vice is not his incredible strength but his anger. But there is always our alter ego. Hulk too has his — so if he is destructive force, he is a brilliant warrior too, or a genius scientist in his own right. 

These and many more fictional heroes are not unbelievable, if only we are ready to believe in the superpowers within us and our incredible abilities.

Stan Lee died on Monday (November 12) at the age of 95. But we all know Stan Lees don't die. Nor do superheroes.

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