Ramjas clash shows our student leaders are crybabies

Loha Singh
Loha SinghFeb 28, 2017 | 15:38

Ramjas clash shows our student leaders are crybabies

I must say I am quite disappointed in the new crop of student leaders, especially on campuses in Delhi. Not in Gurmehar. She is the placard kind, and I give her full marks for idealism. At this age, if you are not a left-of-the-centre idealist, when will you be? 

My disappointment stems from the young men on both sides of the fight. Especially the nationalists and the leftists, this time the target. These two-bit stooges of political parties dancing to their masters’ tunes. I have respect for bar dancers. They do it to feed their families. These baboons feed off their families and serve the worst kind of crooked cretins on the planet. 

If you are not worried about the quality of young men dreaming to lead the nation in the future, this is the time. There is no coming of age in these guys since Rahul Gandhi will still be called immature at 46. 

Some from this lot threw stones and RCC chips at other students. Are you in school or what? No self-respecting student rabble-rouser would use construction rubble in a real fight. Bring your own illegal firearms. I am sure these crybabies read safety instructions on firecracker packs. None of these guys can assemble a decent desi bomb. Using nunchucks and bicycle chains needs skill that these guys clearly don’t possess. 

'When the opponent gives you bruises, you don’t go bawling to the TV studio mummy.'

I am not calling for anarchy, but there are stuff marked for different stages of your life. If you are a meritorious, studious kind, you focus on your career and keep out of trouble. But if you have decided to join the nonsense that student politics is, get your basics right, for god’s sake. Talk to people from Allahabad University, Bhagalpur University or even Meerut since mommy won’t let you wimps travel far alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I have respect for law. But you should die of shame if you are in college and the cops are on your side. Yes, the cops. You fight with them, not have them cradling you. You are supposed to be fighting a pitched battle with authority. You must have bruises to show from police lathicharge, not from your opponents. You don’t go to authority playing victim, but shut yourself in a room plotting revenge.

In just four days, I have grown tired of seeing these suckers bellowing about how they got beaten. Have you heard of self-respect or being busy checking social media while pleasuring self has turned you into a lob of putrid dough instead of the lava that you were born to be? Fighting with police on your side? Sickness we have to see in this cursed century! 

When the opponent gives you bruises, you don’t go bawling to the TV studio mummy. Like any self-respecting student leader, you and your brother students lay an ambush and then keep a memento. A tooth or a finger. That’s what it takes. Your slogans are empty. You are not fit even to be an MBA because one day when you are in your thirties you will have to take risks in life. So take a chance, you tubs of lard in Fabindia kurtas. If you are in your thirties already, go get a job.

This sharp deterioration in character has come because of the sudden fame that TV gives these losers. Fame used to be hard. You had to earn a life-lasting scar on your goddamned face before you became a star. Now there’s social media and stupid celebs out there to make you infamous or famous. Then, everybody will start talking about narratives, this new stupid word now so popular in our lexicon. We are building a narrative. Screw you and your narrative too. It means nothing if it changes tomorrow.

There are rules of violence, if you call what happened violence. Hitting a woman student is crossing the line. That should invite war and the guy till now in your camp should break at least four of your front teeth. Beating a teacher should deserve two hours in a dingy hostel room with four guys carefully giving you a manicure. Even with all 20 nails gone, you will still be pleased with fate because not one of them attempted sexual violence, because, well, decent people. 

I understand Delhi is a political place and the disease catches them early, but such rabid political behaviour on campuses is making us a nation of slogan-shouting louts. Five days of protest and everybody goes home, except a professor who went to hospital. I think we need better quality student leaders and an open competition will be in order. Both the lefties and righties should come to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Bring your own weapons. Those who survive get to serve the nation on the border. Those who don’t, well, good riddance. I will buy a front row ticket. I promise. 

Last updated: February 28, 2017 | 19:01
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