DailyOh! Thappad championship to Delhi Police vs Jamia shooter

Did you know Russia hosts a Slapping Championship? Well, it's the world's first.

 |  4-minute read |   31-01-2020
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Hey there,

It's Friday. The end of this long, long week and this longer-than-a-month month. Our bank accounts are sighing in relief for now, before the beginning-of-the-month expenses make them go dry again. But anyway. It's Friday and the official end of the week. Sorry, if you're working this weekend. If you're not, let us begin DailyOh! today with a trailer that is making much noise.

The trailer of Thappad, starring Taapsee Pannu and directed by Anubhav Sinha.

You know Anubhav Sinha, right? He made Tum Bin, the film that introduced Priyanshu Chatterjee to us and then made us forget him as soon as that film was over. It also had that fantastic song, Koi Faryaad, in Jagjit Singh's heady voice. Perfect for a Friday evening, don't you think?

So Anubhav Sinha's last two films were Mulk and Article 15. Both of them had social commentary packed in in entertainment and both of them were critically acclaimed. Now, Sinha is taking that part of his art ahead with Thappad. So what is it about? If you've seen the trailer, you'll know it's about a slap - one slap that is ending a marriage. That slap also reminds us, did you know there is a slapping competition? So Russia is the country that held this slapping competition, the first ever in the world, last year. The winner was awarded 30,000 rubles. That's about Rs 32,000. Quite a price for a slap, we think.

So what's this competition again? It's called Male Slapping Championships, and took place in Krasnoyarsk in Russia in March 2019. What are the rules? Two men opposite to each other with a table in between. Kinda like table tennis, but your palm meets your opponent's face here. One person slaps the other; the other returns the slap. When you can no longer continue with the slapping, you lose. Interesting. Take a look at what happened at the world's first Slapping Championships:

But all this talk of slapping and assault took us to Jamia. Can you believe what happened yesterday? If you haven't seen those videos, let us tell you. There was a march organised by the students of Jamia. While they were at it, someone jumped out of the crowd and started shouting, "Yeh lo azadi. Main dunga azadi." There were policemen, mediapersons, and barricades all around. This man then lifted a countrymade katta and fired a shot. A student was hurt. Now you might be wondering what was the police doing when all of this was happening. A photo has gone viral. You can see what they were doing here:


A statement from the Delhi Police said that it was too quick for them to do anything. All of it happened too swiftly for them to respond. Now, last night, we even did a fact-check. Turns out, it was more than 10 seconds from the time this man broke away from the crowd to the police walking towards him. Here, watch the video:

Too less time for the police to react? We leave it to you to decide.

Meanwhile, what people in the UK are trying to decide today is if they are happy with Brexit. So, what is Brexit? It is our Word Of The Day. Brexit was a term coined when 17.4 million people of Britain signed a referendum and opted to leave the European Union. Britain + Exit = Brexit. Quite simple, that way. But why are we talking of Brexit? Well, today is the day Britain exits the European Union. It will no longer be part of the EU, starting 11 pm GMT today... that's 4.30 am in India. People in Britain are showing all kinds of emotions on Twitter. Take a look at some of them here.

So right before the stroke of the midnight hour, when India will be sleeping, Britain will awake to life and freedom. Emm, not sure about life or freedom, but we in India love our sleep. Especially if it happens on a Friday night, when the cruel alarm ring does not wake you up. It's the weekend. It's also the first weekend after your salary hits the bank account, so a little bit of indulgence is also good, we say. But do catch up on your sleep, binge-watch list, books and rest. See you Monday.

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