Daily Recco, November 17: Together is Better, even in a socially distanced year

Together is Better by Simon Sinek is just the antidote to 2020 you need.

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It happens to be the 'birthday' of the novel coronavirus. The first birthday. Well, on this day exactly a year ago, the first case of the novel coronavirus was discovered in China's Hubei. The rest, as they say, is history. History that we are currently living in. 

2020 saw our lives turned topsy turvy, inside out, and upside down like no other year in living memory (at least for our generations). For a year that has tested every facet of our existence, what better way to commemorate the day than with a book that is in every way an antidote to 2020. It is a little book of inspiration. That's what the official title says, but it's a lot more than just inspiration. 

main_together-is-bet_111720040534.jpgTogether Is Better is a book that you will go back to every time the day seems a little too long to get done with.

Simon Sinek's Together is Better has some kickass words; words to soak in and live by. It has illustrations by Ethan M Aldridge that will work as the ink-and-paper equivalent of a hot cup of cinnamon latte on a cold, cold evening. The book is a handy little companion that has words for everyone - spanning ages 8 and 80.

Together is Better is a book that you will go back to every time the day seems a little too long to get done with. In this gorgeous little book, you will find life lessons that were hiding in plain sight all this while. These are lessons all of us know. They have been told to us by friends, parents, teachers and well-wishers. But most of us don't quite utilise these little lessons as lessons to live by. 

That is where Together is Better comes in. It works as a friend that holds you by the shoulder and shakes you out of the funk life occasionally pushes you into. 

This socially distanced year, all of us sure need some of that.

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