ToI's image of Kate's dress doesn't fly with readers, outrage online

DailyBiteApr 12, 2016 | 15:13

ToI's image of Kate's dress doesn't fly with readers, outrage online

Times of India doesn't have to try too hard make a royal mess of news and it knows this too well. But the nation's best-selling newspaper hit a new low by devoting the top of its half jacket to a sordid display of what it called Kate Middleton's "MARILYN MOMENT" at India Gate. The picture shows the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William kneeling to offer tributes at Amar Jawan Jyoti - one of India's most visited war memorials.


Oddly enough, with the caption reading "Kate's Marilyn Moment at India Gate", the newspaper describes the British royal couple's gesture a "solemn occasion" in which she had "anxious moments".

Talk about misplaced priorities, sexist editorial standards or just plain desperation to secure another million views!

Last year too, ToI splashed pictures of Deepika Padukone "flaunting her cleavage" in its supplement, inviting well-deserved ire from the Bollywood actress and sections of media and the public. It may be India's number 1 newspaper, but does it really have to bother about real news on its lead pages?

The answer's blowin' the wind, and in bold, literally. And even perverts in the newsroom know it.

For those living under a social media rock, Twitter has this to say about TOI's latest low:

And our Resident Wise had this to say:


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