There's a Black Friday sale on babies. That line is not a joke

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathNov 24, 2021 | 19:45

There's a Black Friday sale on babies. That line is not a joke

Everyone tries to do Black Friday Sales, but a surrogacy firm got it horribly wrong. Wrong intentions or Bad Copywriting, what is to blame? Here's a look:

Black Friday Sale has always been a huge deal in the US. What is Black Friday Sale? It is a long shopping weekend that comes after Thanksgiving, before Christmas. Black Friday Sale is synonymous to a weekend lined up with offline and online retailers who offer products at discounted prices. The intention is to get people to start their Christmas shopping.


What started as a tradition in US has slowly spread across the globe. Of course there are many who criticise sales events like these because they symbolise over-consumption and an unnecessary subsequent carbon footprint. Moreover, the same goods that are set for sale are found to be priced at a similar or even lower price during the rest of the year, making this so called “shopping festival” seem like a scam.

This is also a chance for professionals and retailers to use their creative outlets to create the most enticing and memorable ads. At the end of the day, holiday ads are like those model items that you keep on display. The better they are, the more attention they attract. And the longer the display, the more customers it invites inside the store. 

While skimming for such interesting Black Friday Sale deals, we came across something that we could not believe. You won't be able to either.

Whether it was well written or whether it caught our attention because it was out of line, is for you to decide.

Here's their Social Media Page on Twitter:

Here is our analysis of their website copy:

1. Introduction of the copy

Now what does the below picture hint at?

Ready for the Black Friday Sale? Ready for the Black Friday Sale?

The image comes from a certain BioTexCom Centre for Human Reproduction in Ukraine. BioTexCom conducts surrogacy facilities and egg donation programs for infertile couples across the world and provides a 100% guarantee for its services.

As you reach the website, the Black Friday Sale ad shows up. Starting from November 15, BioTexCom has launched a bumper 11-day Black Friday Sale for their prospective clients. The sale asks couples to Hurry Up for a surrogacy discount. Quite an offer.

Ironically, its not a whopping big 50% discount that might raise their customer sales by 20%. Its a meager 3% off. What a waste.

2. Body of the copy

As we scrolled through, our eyes did not stop questioning this offer. This is what their offers looks like: 


The Offer could be better explained, you know. The first question that comes to mind when we see this offer is this: What's the difference between a 357 € Guaranteed Success Package and a 357 €  Ideal Package? Also, what's a 297 € Double Chance Package? And how does this cost less than a Guaranteed Success Package? Shouldn't that like cost more because its "Double Chance"? Or does Guaranteed Success mean Unlimited Chances?

3. Call to Action in the copy

''Hurry up to make your dream of a baby come true!''

We specifically cannot stop looking at the Call to Action in the end which is written in a way to make the customers leave their work and just run to the clinic because apparently you cannot make a dream baby if you miss this deal.  

Our Copy Conclusion: 

Brands definitely need to create better and substantial offers for their customers, should know how to write better and create sensible content to make their audience understand what they do. They cannot get both wrong and expect a bumper Black Friday Sale. What they can expect instead is a serious public backlash accusing them of dehumanising practices and corruption. 

Here's a glimpse of the backlash:   


What do you think this is?

Last updated: November 25, 2021 | 12:59
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