What is this Urban Dictionary fad? We searched for 5 names but Twitter has the best memes

The world is searching for meaning of names on Urban Dictionary. But why?

 |  2-minute read |   29-11-2021
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What is everyone doing these days? Searching for their names on Urban Dictionary (blame the internet). Instagram stories and tweets are flooded with meanings of Simran, Raj, Karan, Aditya, Divya, Anjali, Neha, Pooja and what not. And there is no end to this (at least for now). Urban Dictionary was till now used to search meanings of commonly used slangs, and now... names. It is the new pandit in town who is telling you the meaning of names.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Instagram user Yunus Caesar, @bymayuuu, posted a question: “Show us ur name in Urban Dictionary”. It quickly went on to become a trend, with more than 2 million re-shares. Now, Instagram and Twitter users across the world are busy looking for their names.

We also decided to read some unusual stuff on Urban Dictionary, and hence, searched for popular brand names. Here are the results:

1. Search for Domino’s and read something interesting

dominois-urban-dicti_112921114420.jpgDomino's on Urban Dictionary

2. Netflix and... well, whatever (weekend vibes already)

netflixud_112921114510.jpgNetflix on Urban Dictionary

3. If you search for Swiggy or Zomato, you get a combined result (quite a hand-in-hand situation)

zomato-ud_112921114614.jpgZomato on Urban Dictionary

4. Addicted to Instagram? Urban dictionary describes the situation very well

insta-ud_112921114646.jpgInstagram on Urban dictionary

5. iPhone, the same box with a new price

iphone-ud_112921114720.jpgiPhone on Urban Dictionary

SEARCHED FOR YOUR NAME YET? If you search for your name, you will read the best stuff about you (things you have secretly always wanted to hear). Trust me, Urban Dictionary is quite a bragger.


With unrealistic results, the Urban Dictionary trend has now become quite annoying. Twitter users want it to stop right away! Heavy trolling might help.

Here's a collection of best memes on Urban Dictionary that you will enjoy more than the meaning of your name:

1. Praise me enough so that mai apni favourite ban jaaun

2. You are the best person on the planet (as per Urban Dictionary)

3. I am here for some compliments

4. Meanwhile in the parallel universe

5. Please, stop!

6. This is exactly what Urban Dictionary is doing

7. This person is as annoyed as we are

So, tell us. Have you looked up your name on Urban Dictionary?


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