5 types of women men absolutely love

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Thought BubbleFeb 13, 2019 | 16:47

5 types of women men absolutely love

Ask any man whether they feel attracted to women who are like their mothers.

Any kind of generalisation runs at the risk of committing a major fallacy. That is just unavoidable, especially when we are going to take a holy dip in the deep waters of the human mind. But let me clarify one thing. This is not a Valentine’s Day 2019 clickbait tale where we will tell you that men love women with light nude makeup or high-pitch voices. (Believe me. I actually came across this scientific theory too).


This is something deeper, drawn from everyday instances.

1.). Women who care

Not talking about motherly care or nourishment, though I will address that issue shortly. Here, we mean women who care to know what men like — in women and in the rest of the world. Basically, women who care for their likes, dislikes, opinions, views, and most importantly, validation on everything under the Sun.  

Ask any man whether they feel attracted to women who are like their mothers.

No. They will say within a second.

If they give it a thought for over a second, the answer would be a shaky ‘Yes’.

Not maybe throwing a volley of questions as soon as they reach home, as many mothers do. But constant prodding to drink water, brush teeth and not to keep the wet towel on the bed is what men secretly love.


2.). Women who smile, sometimes for no reason

Angry women are men’s worst nemesis. Men love women who are funny (to some extent, not funnier than them though), light, easy to deal with, smiling. Smiling also when there’s no apparent reason because that’s how good people should be. More smiling and less problematic. (Fake, in another word). And no cuss words, please!


3.). Women who are ‘needy’

We all know that this word has an altogether different context in relationships. But there’s a thin line between being needy and nagging. And that thin line is a danger zone.  

If you mind your own business most of the time, chances are you are making it clear that you are not ‘needy’ at all.

If you are bombarding him with WhatsApp messages, then chances are you are very nagging.

Both are problems for men.

So, a perfect balance is what they are looking for.

Because love is like a prickly pear! (Photo: Reuters)

4.). Women who think men are better at some jobs

You may be a short woman. But you don’t take help from a random tall guy at the library to get the books from the top shelf. You are a go-getter. You ask the library official.

Well, trust me, men won’t like you.

You have to believe that men are good at accounts, taxation, plumbing, fixing computers, mobile phones, printers, etc. They may just switch off and switch on the phone, but you need to give them that opportunity.

5.). Those who know how to dumb themselves down


This is a new-age syndrome I came to know about after talking to a number of young women who have experienced that their ‘wokeness’ often hurt the pride of their partners. For example, your partner wants you to see something. Now, you have already seen it because you too have got a life, you know. But if you say, 'I already know that', this hurts.

You have to be surprised (rescued as well) at every step, at every move!


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