5 reasons you should skip intermittent fasting if you want to lose weight the healthy way

If you are searching for 'weight loss tips' on Google, stop right there. You don't have to fall for a fad diet.

 |  2-minute read |   24-11-2021
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Trying to lose weight? (trust me) Me too! Weight loss is one of the most discussed topics of all time. Every now and then you come across a new diet plan that promises quick results. One of them is intermittent fasting. It is a well-known eating pattern that involves periods of eating and fasting. A recent study published in the journal PLOS One undermines intermittent fasting and explains how it fails in so many ways. And we couldn’t agree enough!


Many Bollywood celebs swear by intermittent fasting for weight loss. But before you follow their footsteps, it is crucial to list all the pros and cons. Similarly, the famous intermittent fasting also has a few drawbacks that you should know.


Not just your annoying ex, a diet plan can also give you a headache. It is a common side-effect of intermittent fasting. Consumption of fewer calories on fasting days is the main culprit.


Fasting affects your blood sugar levels. As a result, it can make you irritated, tired, anxious and quite distracted.


Let’s state a fact first. A calorie-deficit diet will not lead to healthy weight loss. But will leave you with nutrient deficiencies. So, eat enough and do not starve on fast days.


A weight loss diet is supposed to keep you full for longer, NOT HUNGRY. While fasting, your daily calorie intake reduces significantly. This will make you hungrier and after a few minutes, you’ll feel guilty for munching a pack of snacks.



Imagine feeling sleepy and tired while working. Quite terrible, right? This constant feeling of tiredness, laziness and fatigue is one of the side-effects of intermittent fasting.

If not a famous diet, then what will help you lose weight?

Weight loss is simple! Burn more calories than you consume. You need to focus on three things for sustainable weight loss:

a) healthy, well-balanced diet,

b) enough exercise,

and c) portion size.


Yeah, it sounds really boring but there is no magic pill, drink or concoction that will burn all the fat. Don't believe anyone who claims otherwise.

THE HARSH REALITY: A healthy, well-balanced diet will keep you nourished and prevent nutritional deficiencies. Consume all food groups (including healthy fats) in the right amount.

After eating, you need to burn those calories. Now, exercise comes to your rescue. Experts recommend 30 minutes of daily exercise to stay fit.


So now you know, a fad diet will not help you fit into your favourite jeans. Neither will a magic morning-drink. Eat healthy and exercise regularly because that’s the final verdict.


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