Wishing Aamir Khan many more Dangals

The big question is, when will the actor deliver his next magnum opus?

 |  2-minute read |   14-03-2017
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Mr Perfectionist's magnum opus Dangal has gone on to become the all-time highest grosser in the Hindi film industry.

The film, which collected Rs 100 crore within three days in its opening week, breached the Rs 350-crore mark, making it the biggest Bollywood blockbuster of all times.

Aamir Khan couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

As Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist turns 52, he marked the occasion with an invitation to the Phogat family, on whom the movie Dangal is based, to his birthday celebrations in Mumbai.

The blockbuster was based on the exploits of the Phogat sisters under the tutelage of their father Mahavir Singh Phogat, played by Aamir Khan.

secret-sup_031417044026.jpg The body language and the vernacular make the transformation as complete as it could get. Photo: YouTube

Records are not new for Aamir. His movies have always been path-breaking, both commercially as well as critically; always managing to set the box office on fire.

The actor seems obsessed with delivering firsts with every movie: Ghajini became the first film to cross Rs 100 crore; 3 Idiots earned Rs 200 crore for the first time; and PK was the first to land in the Rs 300-crore club.

But this time has been different. Records have broken in a tumble.

No wonder, accolades and wishes have been pouring in for the superstar. Some of them stand out:

The second is every bit true. Aamir Khan's portrayal of an ageing wrestler is the role of a lifetime.

Future generations would judge sports biopics by the parameters set by his performance in Dangal, such is the authenticity and sincerity.

He finally brings method acting centrestage — the kind not seen before in Bollywood.

The movie takes you to a point where you can't distinguish between the character and the actor.

It is a complete transformation; in fact, the movie could act as a manual for aspiring actors and directors alike.

The body language and the vernacular make the transformation as complete as it could get.

You can literally see the star try on the character, jostle with it, get into the skin of it, and eventually take it to the level where he toys with it.

This birthday would surely go down Aamir Khan's memory lane as one of the most satisfying ones.

Now, the big question is when will the actor deliver his next magnum opus? I think it's just a matter of time.

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