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Salman Khan is right about Bigg Boss; losing interest in the show seems inevitable

The orchestrated fights lead to nothing but yawn-worthy content.

 |  2-minute read |   05-12-2017
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Salman Khan recently hit the nail on its head when he said, "It's always intriguing to peep into your neighbour's house." With Bigg Boss your nose is tickled twice over, strangely enough, as we as an audience have an equally "bigg" appetite for controversial content.

So people are gaily feeding off Bigg Boss 11, in all its commotion, after a hard day's work or even on those laid-back weekend nights.


Strangely, this season didn't quite sail my boat.

And like me, the show had few takers early on, with its participants acting on the notes they had been taking, watching their predecessors in the previous seasons. The orchestrated fights lead to nothing but yawn-worthy content. Damage control was the obvious next step. The makers got into a huddle and realised soon enough that for the drama to be more relatable, they needed to get back to the basics - reality!

Getting Shilpa Shinde, of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame, along with Vikas Gupta, the programming head of the channel that aired the show and one who's said to be instrumental in Shilpa's ouster from it, was a masterstroke. But from Shilpa initially making Vikas' stay torturous in the house to eventually mending her equation with him, reality took time to catch up.


However, rapper Akash Anil Dadlani, continues to annoy with his trying-too-hard-to-pass-off-as-the-bad-boy-of-the-house stance. The loud and gimmicky heart to hearts with the cameras is so last season. Hina Khan, who reigned as the most loved tele-bahu, for the longest time, is now hated with as much intensity for her "acting" on the show.

As the host, Salman Khan almost invariably chides contestants for their bad behaviour inside the house. Be it slamming Hina Khan for slut shaming other women contestants or scolding Priyank and Puneesh for body shaming and getting rude during conversations, he has called out almost everyone on the show; at times even worrying for their careers in an industry that completely relies on rapport and networking.

What I'm saying here is - it could be a near-perfect blend of drama, comedy, even action and romance. The power struggle and changing loyalties inside the house continue to perk up our routinely mundane lives. But is it not something that we have been fed with season after season? And every time I think I could change my television viewing habits for this "big" bad house of chaos, I see myself getting distracted with some binge watch or the other on Netflix!

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Griha Atul Griha Atul @grihaatul

Author is special correspondent with India Today television.

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