Lockdown Love: Two States, One Screen

Diksha and Anil had never been apart in the 25 years of their marriage. However, the pandemic reigned and the lockdown separated them on her special day.

 |  2-minute read |   29-06-2020
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Lockdown Love. Our new series explores love in this new ab-normal life. Where masks have replaced kisses and hugs have become emojis. Where cold steel and glass have replaced the warmth of flesh and blood. How has love changed? Or is it still the same, underneath the layers of disinfectants and face-coverings? Tell us a new love story. In 250 words or less. Send your submissions to lockdownlove.dailyo@gmail.com

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By Dr Preeti Talwar

Being patient can sometimes drive a person crazy. In their 25 years of marriage, Diksha and Anil had never been apart. However, the pandemic turned their lives topsy-turvy. The quality time that they could have spent together was taken away by the geographical miles and official files. They were separated by two states — one was in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and the other was in Punjab.

It was Diksha’s milestone birthday — she was turning 50! And she had wanted this birthday to be a memorable one. Then the pandemic reigned and Anil could not come back home due to the lockdown. She woke up early on her birthday. But there was no joy on her face as her immediate family was not with her. Her son Nakul was studying in the US, and her daughter was married and settled in the UK. The kids had already wished her on Skype. However, Anil had still not taken the trouble to call her. She waited restlessly for his call.

When it finally came, she could not believe her eyes! It was a video call, but the caller was so unlike him!

Diksha had been cajoling Anil to join the gym as he started developing a paunch. However, her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Until now! The two months' lockdown had made him shed the extra weight and lose the paunch. He looked very much like the smart hunk she had married 25 years ago!

The physical distance indeed made the heart grow fonder. It was a truly memorable birthday!

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