Britain's response to Manchester terror attack shows it's incapable of securing itself

Nirpal Dhaliwal
Nirpal DhaliwalMay 25, 2017 | 13:22

Britain's response to Manchester terror attack shows it's incapable of securing itself

An interesting aspect of the British response to any catastrophe is how it unwittingly airs the filthiest linen in the national laundry-basket.

After Monday, May 22, night's jihadi suicide-bombing of children and their parents massed at a pop-concert in the city of Manchester – only two months after the attack in London – the reaction revealed the shabby truth about Britain: it is incapable of securing itself against such atrocities – now and forever more.


The hysterically right-wing Daily Mail columnist, Katie Hopkins – one of Donald Trump's preferred reads – inadvertently exposed this truth when she tweeted: “Western men. These are your wives. Your daughters. Your sons. Stand up. Rise up. Demand action. Do not carry on as normal. Cowed.”

The high-priestess of  Anglostani self-delusion expressed how dire the predicament is simply by using the word "Western" rather than "British". Having no faith whatsoever in her countrymen to solve the problem, she bleated an oblique appeal for Americans to do so on their behalf – which, of course, they won't.

She then went on Fox News to declaim at length on the matter, as if the insular masses of the American interior might organise themselves into a militia for her – which also, of course, they won't.

The reality of US-UK relations on the matter came to light when America's security establishment casually revealed the Manchester bomber's identity – Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old Libyan – just as the British were desperately trying to keep it secret while undertaking their investigations.


The British always seek to hide their obvious weakness behind a veneer of heroism.

That the Americans should so readily have this information and release it without regard for Britain's interests shows that the UK's security is, at best, of marginal concern to them, and that British intelligence is merely a very minor sub-division of the CIA. But Hopkins regards the US as her saviour, the $110billion arms deal Trump just agreed with Saudi Arabia's Wahabbi regime notwithstanding.

Demanding a "final solution" – the Nazi code-word for the extermination of Europe's Jews – to the terror, she then berated the UK elite for being "eunuchs" and "impotent".

Her relationship with Britain is akin to someone married to a fatally lethargic husband, resorting to mocking his penis in the hope that it will goad him into action.

She is, nonetheless, somewhat honest about the castration of her people.

Other right-wingers have called for the mass internment of Muslims, which will not happen – not least to retain the flow of Arab money that props up the UK economy.

Petro-dollars, more than democracy, guarantee the safety and liberties of British Muslims. Besides, it would have no effect on the foreign exporters of terror – against whom Britain is powerless – and would turn Britain into another battle-ground jihadis would flock to.


The British are learning to suffer terror attacks as they would recurrent and inevitable natural disasters. This bleak but realistic resignation has been wholly accepted by the Left. The Guardian newspaper even ran an article celebrating the humour of British Twitter at the situation – a disgraceful one for any country to be in – using the hashtag #BritishThreatLevel to make fun of Britain's "quirky" national character. It included such gems as "when someone makes you tea but it's the wrong colour." Such flaccid whimsy in the face of mass murder is regarded here as defiance.

The British always seek to hide their obvious weakness behind a veneer of heroism, which is why they love the phrase "Keep Calm And Carry On" as it suggests their historic passivity during periods of disaster is actually a clear and strong-minded stoicism.

But, as the jihadis know and will continue to exploit, the true message within this national slogan is simply: "Lie Back And Take It."

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