Media is biased, afraid to tell the truth about Maoists

Tarun Vijay
Tarun VijayApr 25, 2017 | 17:44

Media is biased, afraid to tell the truth about Maoists

It was amazing to see how our great editors found it more important to tweet first thing this morning on the stoppage of Baba Ramdev’s Amla herb product by the Army to its canteens than the ghastly killing of 25 Indian soldiers by communist terrorists.

Another channel, reputedly secular and offensively against the Hindutva ideology, called me, "would you please join a discussion on the clean chit given to Sadhvi Pragya in the Malegaon case?" 


Clearly, for this influential media anything that can be used against the saffron parivar is more important than discussing the lives of our soldiers and the savagery of the adherents of the communist ideology in Chhattisgarh.

There has not been a single tweet or FB posting by these worthy media moguls against the brutal acts of violence by the Maoists and Naxalites who are proud foot-soldiers of the same communist ideology that puts Marx, Lenin and Mao as its sources of inspiration. 

The same people, the same comrades kill RSS workers in Kerala and the same people using various outfits try to stop a programme permitted by the vice-chancellor of Pondicherry University to pay tributes to Dr Ambedkar by ABVP.

Like library burners of the ISIS, the Indian communist outfits have become the biggest threat to freedom of expression and tolerance in a rapidly developing and progressing India under a regime that had been on its target for the last many decades.

It is a combine of the communist outfits with jihadi groups that is actively engaged in the actions that kill our soldiers, burn books, stifle "other voices", use social media to spread hate against the armed forces and eulogise the terror groups as "freedom fighters".


The people who roared in the Lok Sabha on my misinterpreted comment while denying racism charges against my nation and my people, and called me "Hitler", keep a studied silence on communist violence for political reasons and thus expose that they are in fact facilitating an atmosphere where the killings of our soldiers become secondary to the their immediate political profits.

I am yet to see an article, a leader on edit page exposing the ideological lifeline of these Maoists-Naxalites and condemning communism for being the single-most violent ideology of the recent times that is rejected all over - including in India - but its remnants in some parts are still  violating the Constitution and spreading terrorism.

The government of India considers these communist terrorists, described as “left-wing extremism" for whatever reasons, as a major threat to the security of the nation.

Hence, on the official website of the ministry of home affairs there is a separate division to give details about this menace, and it says: “Between 2010 to 2015 (up to 31.12.2015), around 2,162 civilians and 802 security force personnel have been killed by the Maoists in different parts of India.”


The government says in this info-capsule on LWE created in 2006: "In a significant development in 2004, the People’s War (PW), then operating in Andhra Pradesh, and the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI), then operating in Bihar and adjoining areas, merged to form the CPI (Maoist) Party. The CPI (Maoist) Party is the major Left-Wing Extremist outfit responsible for the majority of incidents of violence and killing of civilians and security forces and has been included in the Schedule of Terrorist Organisations along with all its formations and front organisations under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. The CPI (Maoist) philosophy of armed insurgency to overthrow the government is unacceptable under the Indian Constitution and the founding principles of the Indian State. The government has given a call to the Left-Wing Extremists to abjure violence and come for talks. This plea has been rejected by them.”

On a well researched South Asia Terrorism Portal, there are horrifying details about the formations and the actions of these communist groups broadly categorised in five sections:

Media groups, who vie with each other to declare India and her people as "rabidly racist" and keep silent on violent acts against our soldiers from Kashmir to Chhattisgarh, show extraordinary enthusiasm when a court gives a judgment on Sadhvi Pragya because it becomes an instrument to divert attention of the people from the ghastly acts of communist terrorists in Chhattisgarh.

They will continuously play Tamil Nadu political developments, rake up disproportionately the Hindi issue, or any incidence of cow vigilantism would hog the headlines in an effort to relegate the Chhattisgarh violence into insignificance.

The purpose of this "missionary" journalism is to avoid making communist terrorism a focus point of prime time discussions and provide a media-shield to the perpetrators of violence against our soldiers.

These 25 shouldn't have died. Those 75 too shouldn't have died. Those 2,000 citizens should have lived happily under our Constitution and they shouldn't have died in their free country, in their own villages, by their own people, just because they belonged to a different belief and ideology - the belief in development and ideology of democracy.

But the cartoonists who caricatured me on an utterly misunderstood statement would never make the Maoists and the bloodthirsty ideology of the communists a subject of their brushes, and the leader writers will pen another article on how disgustingly India is becoming a nation of religious bigots and cow-protectors under Modi.

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