Narendra Modi has proved he is the Supreme Leader of development politics

Tarun Vijay
Tarun VijayMar 11, 2017 | 19:28

Narendra Modi has proved he is the Supreme Leader of development politics

Narendra Modi has created a new political order. With elections 2017, he made people rise above caste, religion and parochial boundaries. Muslim, Dalit, Brahmin and Yadav vote bastions merging into one, unified Indian electorate is a miracle for a state like Uttar Pradesh.

Change is the new normal and emerging victorious has become a habit for PM Modi.

Discard the oft-repeated, fossils of the past and take risks to introduce fresh faces to take on the well-rooted satraps of power.


That is the key to the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah chemistry, which has worked wonderfully in the seemingly impenetrable regions like Assam and Uttar Pradesh. The latter has decided the future course of Indian politics.

A decisive language of development with a crackdown on corrupt and family-run political parties.

India needs a new paradigm that is far cry from the stinking arrogance of the rich, mighty political heavyweights who treat their workers as less than human and use public money to support their luxuries.

The feudal politics of Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party was a sordid, display of British-era taluqdars and zamindars.

A new chapter has been written by the indefatigable leader. Photo: PTI

Mama, chacha, bhabhi, bua, daughter-in-law — all those who never mattered to the people — were fighting to share the loot.

Blame it on the media

The media, on the other hand, was divided not on the grounds of moral principle or ethics, but based on who provided them what.

Caste divisions, Hindu-Muslim divide, Kairana, Ramjas row and other instruments were used to defeat the BJP by the secular, objective and "Left-of-centre" media.

From Dadri to Azam Khan’s diatribes, from Ayodhya, to demonetisation, every issue was used to build the tempo. They were projected as life-and-death issues for the electorate.


The purpose was not to report or analyse the socio-political scene or the elections, but to defame the ruling BJP.

On the other hand, it was as if the Kannur killings never happened.

The "political families" were accepted, caste became a secular reality, Ayodhya was projected as a monstrous sword hanging over minorities and Akhilesh Yadav became the Michael Jackson of secular pop — young, rebellious, coming in to his own, et al.

The next hero came in the form of Priyanka Gandhi.

"She has a refreshingly new approach, a real challenge to the BJP’s prospects," it was said. The head of BJP's tech wing, Amit Malaviya was enough to debunk the myth.

The media wrote and spoke as the new political opposition, spewing hate for the saffron party.

On the other hand, the media decided that Punjab would have a new leadership under "Arvind Singh Kejriwal".

They wrote not based on ground realities, but driven by their affiliations.

Uttar Pradesh has exposed them. It's proven that results alone matter in the long-term political arithmetic of the nation.

The regime of the commissars that saw an absolutely disproportionate importance being given to them by media has and must come to an end.


A new chapter has been written by the indefatigable leader — the icon of the politics of development, Narendra Modi.

The march of the victors will now head south. What is a saffron Holi this year, will be a saffron Pongal soon. It's time for Dakshin Vijay too.

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