Jab They Met: From Met Gala to Umaid Bhawan, a quick lowdown on the Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas love story

Here’s preparing the nation for another wedding extravaganza!

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s love story was a fast-track one — they dated for just over a year and were clearly sure enough to decide to get hitched. From speculation about how their wedding is basically just a brand merger facilitated by their PR machinery, to how odd their pairing — older-woman-younger-man — itself is, Priyanka-Nick ki shaadi had more twists than a Bollywood potboiler.

But guess what, it’s really (really, really!) happening.

In a country going through a serial wedding phase (#DeepVeerKiShaadi and now, Rakhi Sawant too!), here’s helping you up your Priyanka-Nick dating trivia game.

May 2017

Priyanka and Nick's first public appearance was at the Met Gala. Of course, it looked like they were on a date, but both vehemently denied it, calling it "platonic".

Yeah, right.

PeeCee even told Jimmy Kimmel that they decided to go together because they were both wearing Ralph Lauren, “We were both wearing Ralph Lauren, and we decided to go together, and it was fun.”

But, as per a Bustle report, Priyanka and Nick apparently first met in New York, through a common friend, Graham. “[Chopra and I] met through a mutual friend, who she did Quantico with — this guy Graham — and we met up like, in New York the first time, and the same day I think we found out that we were both going to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren,” Nick was quoted in the story.

'This guy Graham' is most likely Graham Rogers, PeeCee's Quantico co-star who also did a film, Careful What You Wish For, with Nick.

579b8d46bc4c9_112918045736.jpg'That guy Graham' in a still from Quantico. (Source: YouTube screengrab)

October 2017

Alright. So they met, and they Met Gala-ed together.

But none of that can be considered ‘dating’ really. So, where’s the proof? Well, the proof is in Priyanka’s sudden closeness to Sophie Turner, Game Of Thrones’ Sansa.

That PeeCee is very close to Suits’ Rachel Zane, Meghan Markel, is a story we all know. But when pictures of PeeCee with Sophie started floating on the Internet, conspiracy theorists were wondering if this means PeeCee will be seen in GoT’s final season. Clearly not. This was a different kind of game, after all.

5838451432728603459_112918035947.jpgHere's where et all started. (Source: Instagram screengrab)

Now Sophie is dating another Jonas brother, Joe Jonas.

And it all basically started with Priyanka’s comment on Sophie’s post about her engagement to Joe. PeeCee wrote, “Yaaaaaaaaaaay!” on Sophie’s post and W Magazine interpreted it as a sort of ‘welcome to the family.’ Severely farfetched, we think, but we’re excited nonetheless.

May 2018

After staying low-key for a few months, Priyanka and Nick were spotted next straight up cuddling on a yacht during Memorial Day Weekend. This was exactly a year after their first appearance together. From the yacht to a night of watching Beauty And The Beast to catching a Dodger’s game, the two were always together. What a piece of memorabilia that was!

June 2018

The final nail was Nick’s flirty comment on one of Priyanka’s Instagram posts, where he wrote, “That smile.” The two had largely refrained from Instagram PDA or even posting pictures of each other up until this point — but clearly, something changed that June.

1528099401_priyanka-_112918034839.jpgThat burger, though! (Source: Instagram screengrab)

Now if the two are together and so sure about it, meeting the family is but a formality. Priyanka was Nick’s date to his cousin’s wedding in New Jersey, where she met the entire Jonas clan. Joe, however, was in Australia shooting for The Voice.

By this time the world was divided in their view of whether an older woman dating a younger man is bizarre, or not.

About the same time, rumour mills were spinning with reports of Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt dating, and while both sets of couples are exactly 10 years apart, the forbidden ‘age gap’ had become a point of contention only in the Priyanka and Nick narrative.

collage_112918041201.jpgMeet the Chopras. (Source: Instagram screengrab)

PeeCee, however, is not one to pay heed to all this. She was rather busy introducing Nick to her side of the family. In June itself, the two came down to India for a vacation, where they met Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra, and headed off to sunny Goa for a fam jam. Priyanka’s cousin, Parineeti Chopra, was also there.

June saw quite a lot of social media activity, with Nick posting an Insta story of Priyanka, captioning it, “Her” and she matching that with her own story, captioned, “Him.” They even flew off to Brazil for Nick’s performance, where PeeCee shared stories from her seat in the audience like a true fangirl.

priyanka-chopra-nick_112918041932.jpg(Source: Instagram screengrab)

No official announcement, however, was made. Yet.

July 2018

People magazine broke the story that apparently Nick had rented out an entire Tiffney’s store in New York to allow him to pick that perfect ring for his girl.

Yup, the engagement was near.

August 2018

The Internet spotted a ring on Priyanka when Raveena Tandon Thadani posted a picture of the duo, and that was it!

Elle magazine, with inputs from RareCarat.com, reported that it looked worth over $100,000.

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Peecee and I getting our pouts in order ! 😂 #potraitlighting💡 #shotoniphonex

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Soon after, official confirmation came from both Nick and Priyanka. “Taken.. With all my heart and soul..” wrote Priyanka, while Nick introduced us to the “Future Mrs. Jonas” in his Instagram post. Engagement pictures from their Indian traditional ceremony soon took over the Internet, and the countdown to the wedding began.

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Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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The duo is set to tie the knot in a Hindu wedding on December 2 in Umaid Bhawan, Jaipur, while they will exchange 'I dos' on December 3.

And that's the end of the flashback.

Watch the happy couple escape into the horizon this weekend. 

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