Amit Shrivastava

Amit Shrivastava

Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant at Institute of Neuro Sciences, PSRI Hospital, Saket and former Asst. Professor of Neurology at Christian Medical College, Vellore.

By Amit Shrivastava

Why doctors like me in India are against National Medical Commission Bill

It is likely to usher in the spectre of Licence Raj and substandard healthcare that legitimises quackery.

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Why, despite being a doctor in India, I advised my friend not to return home to practise

Years later, as I look back, I feel I indeed saved a life.

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Max fiasco: A doctor makes sense of why a hospital declared a living baby dead

Had the news reporters done some research, the coverage would have been more balanced.

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How changing landscape of healthcare in India has made it worse for both doctors and patients

The deepening wedge of mistrust will only lead to a rise in cost of healthcare and deteriorating standards.

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A doctor explains what Alzheimer’s disease teaches us

At least one person is suffering from the disease across the world, every minute.

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How air pollution fogs the mind and affects the brain

It's the silent killer lurking in the background.

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Brain stroke is the second-largest cause of death in the world, but is preventable

Healthy lifestyle and timely recognition of symptoms can go a long way in prevention.

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