Arjun Singh Kadian

Arjun Singh Kadian

Assistant professor


Academic by profession, my interests lie wide and deep. I teach Geology and my research focusses on Palaeontology, Sedimentology and river Saraswati.

By Arjun Singh Kadian

U-turn to Progress: After decades of darkness, Mewat in Haryana's Nuh is moving towards development

From the tag of 'India’s most backward district', Mewat in Haryana has come a long way to now being the best performer amongst all the Aspirational Districts of India.

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Gujjar quota stir: Today’s protesters are descendants of the Gurjar-Pratiharas, once among India's grandest empires

They once held sway over great expanses and wielded huge power. But the British classifying the Gurjars as “Criminal Tribes” because of their participation in the Revolt of 1857 deterred their progress.

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How Jat fury turned into a very powerful revolt against the Mughals

The Jat rebellion raged on through 1669; in November, Aurangzeb himself marched to Mathura. But putting down this revolt was far from simple.

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How history forgot Hemu, the last Hindu emperor of Delhi

With his win at the Battle of Tughlaqabad, Hemu became the emperor of India and took the title of ‘Vikramaditya’.

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