Astha Kapoor

Astha Kapoor

Strategy consultant


The writer is a strategy consultant working on issues related to financial inclusion.

By Astha Kapoor

Risks of SC refusing extension of deadline for Aadhaar linkage for welfare schemes and subsidies

The order has not taken into consideration the plight of farmers.

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Women got the worst deal in Union Budget 2018

It is ironic that CEA Arvind Subramanian’s Economic Survey had a pink cover this year.

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Modi government shouldn't scrap public distribution system, it must improve it

The PDS is a lifeline for those who are able to access it.

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Aadhaar case in Supreme Court: Your privacy is at stake

Given all the chaos and concerns, the Constitution Bench hearing is of utmost importance to provide legal perspective and clarity on the issue.

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How demonetisation and Aadhaar worsened Indian farmers' plight

Digitalisation of farm-based programmes and schemes is likely to result in exclusion - an inexcusable crime at the hands of the government.

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Why we need to be afraid of Aadhaar — it's grossly problematic

Without a privacy law, can we trust the state with all our data?

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Why cashless PDS may prove more costly for poor

Interviews in the field suggest a general support for the old system, and a resounding 'no' to cash transfers.

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