Kota Neelima

Kota Neelima



Kota Neelima is author of the bestselling political fiction ‘Shoes of the Dead.’

By Kota Neelima

Who is responsible for Sridevi’s death?

Women, like men, should be free to wear what they want and look the way they want.

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Why the real rebel is a thing of the past

Now an outlaw is someone who must follow the rules of rebellion within the system.

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Vidarbha visit: Nine tips for Rahul Gandhi

Talk to the youth. Not as a constituency, but as a nation.

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Farmer suicide at AAP rally: Trust a politician to show you how to survive

The farmer who hung himself today could have been anyone of us; it is just that he stayed back with the land while we moved on.

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India's Daughter: How Delhi's suffering from the "living room syndrome"

It is the burden borne by Delhi’s elite class to decide what the rest should think, what opinion they should have and express.

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Why Modi wore that "name" suit

Perhaps, it was part of a dream to be dressed well, which could be an innocent desire arising from humble beginnings.

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Delhi results: Rise of the impatient voter

Today, when a single mobile phone can improve the memory of a voter, it is getting tough to escape the debris of broken promises.

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