Shweta Taneja

Shweta Taneja

The writer is a fantasy author who swims in the occult. Her latest novel is, The Matsya Curse, a tantric thriller. Find more of her on www.shwetawrites.com.

By Shweta Taneja

How research into tantrism helped this author find her mojo

It is not only about hot sex, dead bodies and blood sacrifice. But that's the most interesting part if you're writing a fantasy thriller.

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What people say when I tell them I’m an author

'Oh, you mean like Chetan Bhagat?'

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Why tantriks sit on top of a dead body on a new moon night and meditate

While researching on my tantric fantasy, Cult of Chaos, I came across a dreadful tantrik ritual related to death, which was both awful and intriguing.

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