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Arpita Das



Publishing and book culture junkie; Mom; Writes in her free time (whatever that means)

By Arpita Das

Fall of Junot Díaz: No one, alas, more oppressive than the oppressed

Men get raped and attack women as a result, but women get raped, and do what?

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Why book readings are special to me

As a publishing professional, I respond with my childhood veneration to an author reading from her work.

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How noir breeds in Delhi's 'hawa-paani'

Call it a walk on the dark side, books set in the capital are full of it and have been for a long time.

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The curious case of the elusive detective in Indian pop culture through the ages

The desi private eye/jasoos/commando today is alive, well and waiting to be taken to greater heights by Bollywood.

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India's Daughter: How bans are a slippery slope to hell

The film may be a powerful, incisive look at violence against women in India, or an attempt to make rape look like an "Indian" problem.

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Why I spy on people reading books on the Delhi Metro

Well, that’s the publisher in me - never can let go of a ripe opportunity to gauge the volume of quality readership.

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My ten wishes for the book trade in India

Running a niche indie press remains tough even now, but the parameters themselves have changed considerably.

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