Who is Cyanide Killer Jolly Joseph from new Netflix original Curry & Cyanide?

Sushim Mukul
Sushim MukulDec 13, 2023 | 17:50

Who is Cyanide Killer Jolly Joseph from new Netflix original Curry & Cyanide?

Curry & Cyanide - The Jolly Joseph Case will premiere on Netflix on December 22. Photo: Netflix

The much-anticipated trailer for Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case, a true-crime documentary produced by India Today Originals, is out. The original premieres on Netflix on December 22.

The trailer suggests the docu-feature explores the chilling events of the Jolly Joseph Case or the Koodathayi Cyanide case, involving Jolly Joseph, who called herself a lecturer and is accused of orchestrating the cyanide poisoning of six of her family members, including a two-year-old child.


The series of murders took place over 14 years; and were investigated much later, in 2019.

Watch the trailer here:

Who is Jolly Joseph?

  • Jolly stands as the prime suspect in the Koodathayi murders, a series between 2002 to 2016 that unfolded with a series of deaths in a single family in Kozhikode district, Kerala.
  • Accused of masterminding the cyanide poisoning of six family members, including her husband, mother-in-law, and even a two-year-old child, she had previously attributed these deaths to mysterious illnesses and heart attacks, citing a supposed curse on her house, reported CNN.
  • However, in October 2019, the police alleged that Jolly systematically poisoned each victim one by one.
  • Living in a three-storey house, Jolly had claimed to work as a lecturer at the National Institute of Technology Calicut, just a short ride from her home, but this was later revealed to be false information.
  • Subsequent police investigations unveiled that Jolly had fabricated her role as a lecturer and allegedly poisoned her family members to gain control over their assets.

Unveiling a tragic tale

  • The documentary, directed by the two-time National Award winner Christo Tomy, delves into the dark narrative surrounding the Jolly Joseph case.
  • "Jolly Joseph is like any other middle-aged family person you see in your neighbourhood. The terror of this tale is that it was not committed by some violent killer who works in the dead of the night," Christo Tomy told OTTPlay.

Where is Jolly Joseph now?

  • The case is still sub-judice and the final judgement is yet to be announced.
  • Jolly Joseph is currently lodged in the Kozhikode district prison.
  • The Netflix original, Curry & Cyanide, looks like a cohesive and rounded story; possibly wanting the audience to decide what they make of the case.
  • Thus, through firsthand testimonials, it aims to expose the contrast between Joseph's public persona and the sinister truth hidden beneath.
  • The India Today Originals production is scheduled to release on Netflix on December 22.
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