Why we are so glad that 150 men took a holy dip to get rid of 'toxic feminism'

DailyTripAug 30, 2018 | 16:49

Why we are so glad that 150 men took a holy dip to get rid of 'toxic feminism'

But could Indian women ever come up with such a solution to get rid of

If the news of 150 men taking holy dips in remembrance of their living but separated wives enrages you, then you must be representing what these "holy" men want to get rid of: toxic feminism!

We are not enraged or outraged.

We are just happy that they finally they took a bath without any begging or persuasion. On hindsight, we feel they should have taken this decision earlier, because it must be like two-way exorcism. You get rid of the “evil spirit”. And the “evil spirit” too finally attains freedom.


According to a report, 150 “oppressed” men from various places of the country, under the umbrella of the Save Indian Family Foundation, congregated at Varanasi to observe the last rites of their marital relationships.

For the uninitiated, this Save Indian Family Foundation has been fighting for oppressed men for the last 10 years. No wonder we have never heard about them, because when you need scientific equipment to find the victims you are fighting for, you can't be too visible, right?

Nonetheless, after a decade, they have finally been able to make some noise by offering their last rites to their dead relationships.

The organisation also has its own record of how many husbands (92,000, they say) commit suicide in India owing to matrimonial disputes. Interestingly, the number is considerably higher than the number of women victims (24,000) the group states.

(Obviously, we dare not crosscheck these shocking figures).

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. (Reuters)

Also, if you are in a quest to reach alternative reality, proceed no further. You have reached your destination.

According to this NGO (or whatever it is), Indian society is not male-dominated society. According to their website, one percent of ‘alpha male’ dominates the remaining 99 per cent men and 100 per cent women. And their struggle is against this system!


They have similar “alternative” theories explaining every other thing in the world.

While a trip through their website is sheer delight, the same can’t be said about their marital journeys in which each of them apparently encountered “toxic women”.

Now, the concept of toxic feminism is not new. It must be a counter-theory of toxic masculinity.

But could Indian women ever come up with such a solution to get rid of "toxic masculinity"?

There lies the difference between the toxins.

Now, instead of wading into a debate of 'my toxin is better than your toxin', or vice versa, we must watch their statement of purpose, where they explain why they organised this ‘pind dan’ for the corpse of their marriages.


Since these "distressed" men are now well taken care of in the heavenly abode of Varanasi, we offer our congratulations to their wives.

No, don’t bury your head in shame or embarrassment after watching this video.

Celebrate the fact that these husbands (former though) finally got out of their beds and packed, all by themselves, to go to a far-off place — to take a bath!


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