#TheDailyToast: No Globe Golden enough

Gayatri Jayaraman
Gayatri JayaramanJan 11, 2016 | 17:07

#TheDailyToast: No Globe Golden enough

Women are stealing the turf of gods on screen everywhere. From Taraji P Henson for Empire at the Golden Globes in what must be the most fun way in which Leonardo DiCaprio has had his constantly crumbling cookie handed to him, to Lady Gaga, channelling her Dark Side on television reminding the un-Awakened Forces that they would have done so much better letting the Skywalkers be and making a woman of Darth Vader instead.

And when the gorgeously still-refusing-to-be-size-zero Kate Winslet returns, everyone, even ol' Leo wins and Aaron Sorkin starts to feel sane. From never-fails Cate Blanchett who breaks all definitions of goddessdom in lesbian-romance-drama Carol, even if it didn't win a single award, to Saoirse Ronan, bringing home the single-working-woman immigrant story with such fiery independence that even Donald Trump would find it hard pressed not to stand on the docks to greet the boatloads with a bouquet.

Kate Winslet at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

In the Supreme Court of India, a petition seeking to allow women entry into the Sabarimala temple, the country's oldest Men's Rights Activists group not currently on Twitter, will come up for hearing tomorrow.

Understandably, the Men's Rights Activists currently on Twitter are crowdsourcing a list of in-laws and beleaguered husbands victimised by these prayers of the opposite gender to a Higher Court. Never mind that it might be a prayer that goes unheard, as is more often than not the case with all kinds of women-hating gods, but the right to appeal, is itself a luxury, they seem to want to say. This is why, in a move akin to the khap panchayat objecting to women carrying mobile phones, the president of the Sabarimala board is now best known for his infamous suggestion that a machine to scan for the purity of women be put in place.

But he is a progressive pundit, we know this because he guarantees working towards Hindu unity by bringing together all castes, everyone except women, a state of being that you can't get lower than, clearly. In Mylapore temple, the woman without a dupatta has been held to be the equivalent of the man in Bermudas - titillating. This conclusion obviously drawn by men whom it takes very little to titillate given that most Indian men's legs beneath their bermudas and chests above their dhotis have very little to offer by way of recommendation.

A despair resulting in #ThupattaRap, Twitter rap from women pointing out the hypocrisy of restricting women's access to spaces (via the Why Loiter project) by men in bermudas and less. Women and France, opposed to the hijab, and Germany, opposed to men in general now, are contemplating making dressing modestly mandatory for men. This way women can remain naked protestors in town squares in peace and men who can't control themselves will be required to wear the hijab or enter into purdah.

So at least on screen, let women build Empires, seek their own pleasures, migrate, find perfect boyfriends, jobs, rediscover the world on their own terms. There isn't a globe golden enough for women.

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