Bura na mano, Didi hai! Twitter turns a lean, mean meme-machine as Mamata Banerjee and the CBI clash in Kolkata

Bengal means business, and Twitter means memes. We've got you the best right here.

 |  2-minute read |   04-02-2019
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Polar vortex be damned, the cold wave that’s taking over India is perhaps the result of Mamata Banerjee’s royal ‘cold-shoulder’ to PM Narendra Modi in the build-up to the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019.

First, it was the Mahagathbandhan rally in the heart of Kolkata which was basically an anti-BJP bitching session. In fact, we hear, the cha-loving Kolkata turned to coffee just because they won’t indulge in 'chai pe charcha'!

(Just kidding).

Then, Mamata Di added some much needed ‘Bangaliana’ by turning Amit Shah into Omit Shah — yes, we add ‘o’ everywhere. Sometimes it’s just poetry — by omitting and forbidding him from landing in West Bengal.

But nothing got the meme machines rolling like the news of Mamata Di detaining the CBI.

Is West Bengal turning into Gotham? Perhaps yes. And that means Didi is Batman!

We took a stroll around social media and curated a meme-fest that may not last as long as Mamata’s dharna does, but it will be close enough.

For the uninitiated, or those who sleep on Sundays, here's the sequence of events...

Where Mamata Di is Singham. #Gheuntak! 

Or when she turned Wonder Woman. We wonder how Modiji will handle this one? 

But does she really need to be someone else? Mamata... naam hi kaafi hai. 


After all, udte teer ko jo pakadle, woh, Mamata! 


The real question is, Mukul ne Didi ko kyu mara?



Is Didi scared of the CBI?

But then, didn't we sort of see this happen already? Déjà vu? 


 So history does repeat itself? 

Indeed, it does. Be scared, be very scared! 

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