Why there's such a craze over Dabboo Ratnani's calendar

If you mark a date on this calendar, will you ever notice it?

 |  3-minute read |   29-01-2019
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At a time when almost one-third of the population does not wear a wristwatch (because we already have a smartphone which has a clock, a calendar and a to-do list), Bollywood comes up with yet another edition of its mega calendar and its mega launch.

At the onset, let us tell you that we love Dabboo Ratnani and his photos. We just don’t know what to do with a real calendar in 2019! So, we investigated, went through all the beautiful photos and found that, actually, it’s a very useful thing. And the entire journey over the last 20 years is very inspiring.

We will tell you why:

It must be hard to get Sr Bachchan off Twitter

ab_012919025206.jpgWhen Sr Bachchan is not near his Twitter, he wants at least a telephone booth near him. (Photo: Dabboo Ratnani)

It started in the year 2000 when Dabboo, the now-celebrity photographer, was new to the industry. Remember the excitement of 2000, Y2K, whether 2000 will become 00 in computers and all of that? At that time, Dabboo thought of compiling 12 stock photos — representing 12 months — and hand this collection out as a gift.

Guess what?

The idea clicked — and how! Fast-froward to a time when there is no actual utility for a calendar, yet this one gets a launch party, attended by the who’s who of the industry.

Amitabh Bachchan has been a constant celebrity in the calendar. We wonder how difficult it must be to get senior Bachchan off Twitter nowadays!

Where else will you see a bra-less Sunny Leone?

sunny_012919025111.jpgIf this doesn't break the Internet, then what will? (Photo: Dabboo Ratnani)

No, we're not interested in knowing what you do in your ‘me time’. We are talking about in general without inviting any controversy, without hurting the sentiments of any particular group. You see this nowhere apart from this calendar.

Anyone writing a different role for Vidya

vidya-balan_012919025019.jpgHey Vidya! Long time, no see. (Photo: Dabboo Ratnani)

No matter how much we talk about 'women's empowerment' in Bollywood, the industry can’t stop objectifying women, unless we — the audience — stop doing the same. So, yes! Dabboo Ratnani manages to catch the stars in their boldest avatars yet — Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan — everyone.

Time for some neck exercises

collage-exercise_012919024756.jpgRenew your faith in physics, please! (Credit: Dabboo Ratnani)

...And also some miracles undertaken by Tiger Shroff.

These are not from this year’s photos though. But this has been the USP of the calendar. The stars are caught in their best form. Some of the photos may restore your faith in God and Photoshop.

Kartik Aryaan and his kitties

kartik_012919024907.jpgThe kitties are more confused than Kartik! (Credit: Dabboo Ratnani)

Kartik Aryaan was recently in the news for Sara Ali Khan’s apparent interest in him, which, again apparently, has got him a film opposite Sara Ali Khan.

Dabbo catches on the momentum and shows the world with whom Kartik actually shares his bed.

The shooting of 22 stars — two for each month — takes a long time. Planning starts in the middle of the year and the shooting generally starts from Diwali. Of late, the photographer is also releasing behind-the-scenes videos. Given our interest in everything 'behind', they break the Internet, every single time. 

What else can we do now that no one talks about the Kingfisher calendars?

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