#TheDailyToast: Modern love story

Gayatri Jayaraman
Gayatri JayaramanJan 12, 2016 | 10:48

#TheDailyToast: Modern love story

It's official, someone even loves Rupert Murdoch. Yes, these things happen. Media's Satan incarnate got engaged to Rock 'n roll's urban cowgirl Jerry Hall yesterday, giving Katrina Kaif newfound impetus to nudge Ranbir Kapoor a bit so they can announce things before they hit the same age as the happy couple. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are still just good friends and their children will keep telling us that.

In the meanwhile America, in a testament to its priorities, has chosen The Bachelor of all Bachelors Ben Higgins over the National Championship game and the presidential forum in the TRP race, which is why you can see how misogynist (kindly note usage Sonam Kapoor) Donald Trump with his ultimate bachelordom and his "Megyn Kelly is average" tweets despite his several divorces, women and wigs, and his has got this race nailed down.

Dolce & Gabbana in the meanwhile dolled up the hijab in trying to make being Muslim cool, going against the grudging grain of public sentiment. And the world is discovering David Bowie, who was father figure to Yoko Ono's son and read the Oxford English dictionary for the heck of it, was more than the music. It's all about the Modern Love.

Meanwhile in No Love Lost Land, the daughter-in-law of the year was caught beating up her mother-in-law on CCTV camera lovingly placed there by her trusting and devoted husband, winning them family of the year award 2016.

This on a morning when the devoted to the cause of women Subramanian Swami gleefully tweeted that a Delhi High Court judge came down heavily on women who file false cases against men, abusing the protective extensions of the law.

The Bigg Boss house is gradually turning into a Lord of the Flies with the worst on everyone out on display such that double evictions are becoming the norm, and tantrum and drama queen Imam Siddique is being thrown in to make it worse if possible. The televised hugs across the border landed us with six bodies and a shrug off of the evidence on this side.

And while the Supreme Court would allow women into Sabarimala, overrules the Mylapore ruling against restricting women's attire and would disallow bulls to be used for cruel sport, the people of India will have none of it. Niceness clearly wins no TRPs here.

Everyone's shaking their heads at Sushant Singh Rajput who just announced nuptials with long-term sweetheart Ankita Lokhande and swearing he'll go the Imran Khan way.

What is wrong with us? With Malda burning, with the VHP raking up the Ram temple and Sabarimala under siege from well-meaning feminists, well we can just go find joy in the Narendra Modi kites that will be flying high this Sankranti, and no we don't mean just the empty promises. Or maybe we do.

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