When ignorance is bliss: Things that our political leaders 'don't know'

Political leaders are meant to know about hot-button topics at least. But some of them seem to have the snooze button instead!

 |  2-minute read |   10-05-2019
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Ignorance is bliss. No one but our dear politicians, seeking votes for the last few days in various parts of the country, can sum this up so effectively.

Let’s take a journey down the lane of famous 'I-Don’t-Know's.

Balakot strike: Kaun strikes?

Sunny Deol is the BJP’s candidate from Gurdaspur. The city is 10 km away from the international border. While the IAF’s Balakot air-strike is an issue the electoral season is buzzing with, Sunny Deol has said that he doesn’t know much about the Balakot strike.

It’s actually nice that we have one less politician chest-thumping over Balakot. But this is not really a favour he has extended to us. He doesn’t even know much about the India-Pakistan relationship, he said.

Next time an actor speaks at length about the homework he or she does for a particular role, just stop them!

I am a Union minister: Don’t you know?

Chaudhary Birender Singh is Union minister of Steel. But it seems that he is steel-hearted when it comes to local issues. According to reports, he was campaigning for his son at Ladwa in Haryana. He was asked about drinking water facilities. Well, he didn’t say that he didn’t know, but he made it clear that he shouldn’t be bothered with such petty questions.

He wants to be asked political questions.

Guess what happened?

Probably nobody wanted a political discussion with him.

Violence? I don’t know

Trinamool MP Moon Moon Sen didn’t know about the Asansol poll violence. The reason for not knowing (waking up late because of getting her bed tea late) went viral. But the bliss of not knowing — and how well it helps our representatives — went unnoticed.

BJP leaders’ misogyny? I haven’t heard

The fiery exchanges between Jaya Prada and Azam Khan are not new. This time, of course, it reached a new low. So Jaya Prada was asked to comment on political leaders’ misogynistic comments, in general. Of course that includes BJP leaders. But no, she hasn’t heard any of them.

This is what unites all our political leaders, for once rising above all petty party divisions.

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