Silence is Golden! Navjot Singh Sidhu’s vocal chords are reportedly damaged. Is it Karma doing its job?

After speaking at 80 rallies in 28 days, Sidhu has reportedly damaged his vocal chords. Please enjoy the break.

 |  2-minute read |   13-05-2019
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Remember the time when just after the Pulwama attack, Navjot Singh Sidhu said, ‘For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation?’? Remember the time when he questioned the credibility of the Balakot air-strikes and asked for proof? Remember when he compared BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to a frog?

Well, it looks Karma is finally coming for him and rewarding all the animosity he’s been spewing for a long time!

sidhu690_051319062100.jpgA break on the misogny! Sidhu's vocal chords are reportedly damaged. (Source: India Today)

Don’t forget, this is the same man who used communalism as a tool to garner votes while canvassing for Tariq Anwar. This is the same misogynistic man who compared Narendra Modi to ‘a bride who pretends to work’, a sexist comment, complete with phrases like ‘a woman who makes less rotis and more noise’.

Well, guess what, Mr Sidhu — we have had enough of your bigotry and misogyny.

We are tired of you spewing deep animosities and expressing your ignorant opinions like there's no tomorrow.

How we wish we could go back to simpler times, when your sole job was to 'fake laugh' as crossdressing men seranaded the stage. How we wish we could go back to the time when you were safely locked up in the Big Boss house. You were, of course, a household name back then too. And the truth is, somehow, seeing your happy, smiling face, complete with a vibrant turban, made our days brighter.

navjot_051319062327.jpgThis smiling, charming face had fans in every household (Source: India Today)

But now that you have revealed how ignorant a man you are, I can’t help with regret being a fan of yours. I'm not even that fussed, honestly, by the sore throat you allegedly have. Don’t blame me for being insensitive — as someone who has had quite a few health problems, I do not condone making a mockery out of any health scare. It’s simply inhuman. But perhaps, when Sidhu was downplaying the Pulwama incident — where we lost 40 CRPF jawaans — he should have anticipated such inhuman coolness coming his way.

If I were you, Mr Sidhu, I’d probably consider this health scare as Karma coming my way. My suggestion: do something about your unfounded opinions and open misogyny. Perhaps then, your health might become better. Who knows, you could even return to your lighter, brighter self.

Until then, please introspect. Without speaking.

Thank you.

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