PM Narendra Modi is wearing the 'hat' and he is wearing it in style!

DailyTripFeb 05, 2019 | 16:40

PM Narendra Modi is wearing the 'hat' and he is wearing it in style!

Enough with the political verbiage, can we just take a moment and let our jaws drop at PM Narendra Modi's fascination for hats? 

And we're not even talking about the 'pagdi' or its different variations. We're talking full-blown hats — feathered, horned, bejewelled. 

The man who dons many hats sure loves them too, and carries them well. And perhaps even carries a few extra ones to 'pehnao' others — get it? Topi pehnana. Did you get it now?


But that's the subject of another story. 

Here, we're just looking at Modiji's many hat-ke avatars. Go...

When Modiji dressed up as the Easter bunny. Just kidding. It's a Burmese hat. Don't ask why. 

burmese-hat_020519031800.jpg(Source: Reuters)

Is it a bird? Is it a cat? Is it a fashion faux pas? No, that's just Modiji. 

hornbill-cap-made-of_020519031820.jpg(Source: Reuters)

Once Modiji quoted Star Wars to his American audience when he said "May the force be with you." Another time he dressed as Yoda! Obviously. 

modi-at-kashmir_020519032426.jpg(Source: Reuters)

Star Wars isn't the only place he draws inspiration from. This here is an example of Narcos meets NaMo! 

narcos-meets-namo_020519031859.jpg(Source: Reuters)

And this. Wish we knew what this is. All we know is several peacocks cried that day. 

peacock-turban_020519031914.jpg(Source: Reuters)

We all know Modiji loves to travel. But he also likes to travel light. Hence, he apparently carries a pillow that doubles up as a blanket on his head. 

traditional-headgear_020519031931.jpg(Source: Reuters)

"Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai!"

crown-in-allahabad-a_020519031954.jpg(Source: Reuters)

Yeh hat nahin, hathora hai! 

traditional-jaapi-ha_020519032013.jpg(Source: PTI)

Modiji always carries a fan with him. Always. 

white-turban_020519032028.jpg(Source: Twitter)

Oh, I thought you said 'Cash-mir'!

dyfq8zawsaetwa-_020519032101.jpg(Source: Twitter)


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