The lookalike who doesn't want his look: Rahul Gandhi’s lookalike puts on 20 kg. Guess why?

Can you imagine having a lookalike who doesn't want to look like you? Meet the man who looks like Rahul Gandhi and really doesn't want to.

 |  3-minute read |   08-05-2019
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Celebrity lookalikes are like ‘one-hit-wonders’ — artists who deliver a hit, get their 15 minutes in the spotlight and disappear forever. Lookalikes lose fame as quickly as they gain it. But gaining popularity solely because of your looks doesn’t sound like a bad deal, eh?

However, what happens when a lookalike doesn't want the 15 minutes of fame that comes with having the same looks as a famous politician?

Such is the story of Prashant Sethi — a man from Surat who has an uncanny resemblance to Rahul Gandhi.

101_050819125804.pngA lookalike who doesn't want the look: Prashant Sethi doesn't want to be associated with Rahul Gandhi. (Source: India Today)

Contrary to being elated about the fact that he has such a similar appearance to the president of Indian National Congress, Prashant is completely fed up with his ‘lookalike’ tag and does not want to be associated with Rahul in any way — so much so that he has gained 20 kg and even changed his hairstyle!

The online jokes about Rahul Gandhi had a major impact on Prashant. And why wouldn’t they? If there was a man who was mocked all the time for his intelligence or, as cruel critics suggest, the lack thereof, and called ‘Pappu’ on a daily basis, I wouldn’t want to look like him either. If anything, I’d save money for some plastic surgery or move to Poland to start a new life — sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn’t.

pappuu_050819010129.jpgStuck with the image? Rahul has tried to shake off words like 'Pappu', but it's not been easy. (Source: India Today)

Prashant is apparently ‘repulsed’ each time someone tells him that he looks like RaGa. What’s more, Prashant was reportedly even offered a big-budget Bollywood film which was meant to be Rahul Gandhi’s biopic — and he refused. Perhaps Prashant was under the impression that the biopic would realistically portray Rahul Gandhi’s chuckleworthy statements and his verbal faux pas, or worse — all the memes that have been circulating on the Internet.

I can only imagine how Rahul Gandhi would react to his lookalike being repulsed by him — but more than anything, I want to see Rahul’s reaction when he hears that his lookalike is a staunch Modi supporter!

Yes! Not only does his doppelganger dislike him, he also supports Rahul’s nemesis Narendra Modi. "I don't wish to be known as a lookalike of Rahul Gandhi. Of course, he is a national leader and I respect him, but I am a BJP supporter and I favour Narendra Modi. I turned down a Bollywood movie too for the same reason," Sethi told TOI.

raga690_050819010444.pngIronies never end: Prashant is a staunch supporter of Rahul Gandhi's nemesis, Narendra Modi. (Source: India Today)

Ever since Prashant was a kid, his father urged him to join the Youth Congress but he refused. Looks like Prashant has never been a fan of Congress. "Rahul has no major achievements to talk about. As a citizen, I had high hopes from him," Sethi added.

Well, amidst all this, I can’t help but feel sorry for Prashant. Imagine the kind of bullying the lad must have gone through, because of which he had to take a step as drastic as changing his look.

Prashant — we feel you, bro!

And Rahul, please give your doppelganger something to be proud of. It’s high time.

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