Wayanad-ward: Twitter turns Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad dream into memes

Rahul leaves home turf and goes Wayanad-ward. Can Twitter let that go? Naah!

 |  2-minute read |   02-04-2019
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Tables are breaking over whether Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad, along with Amethi, will benefit the Congress, or cause further problems. Some feel this will miff the Left, while others feel this only proves the BJP’s point that the Congress has no set game plan.

Endless cups of chai and rounds of biskoots, in the meantime, are devoured.

But Twitter does what it does best — turns a crisis into a meme. And we’re having a hearty laugh.

“Tum toh thehere pardesi... saath kya nibhaoge?”

Fight or flight?

Getting the name is imperative. Remember the Kumbha Ram –kumbhkaran fiasco?

For only then, can he lead his pack...

There’s nothing left to argue about.

Andaz Apna Apna had to feature. There’s just no way it wouldn’t.

Maybe a Tollywood film can work for him...

But then the biggest meme came from Shashi Tharoor himself. Although, we’re guessing it was unintended.

Forget about a Tollywood film, Rahul is going for a Netflix series! Seems legit.

Releasing April 11, across India.

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