Hairfall and weightloss gummies have flooded Instagram but are they all hype? We asked experts

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaFeb 21, 2023 | 08:00

Hairfall and weightloss gummies have flooded Instagram but are they all hype? We asked experts

The rise of 'healthy gummies' in the last few years has been exponential. Photo: dailyO

If you are seeing countless ads on your Instagram reels, where celebs pose with a box of gummy bears that promise to aid with your hairfall, skin acne, weight loss, beard growth, sleep and now vaginal health (what next? Gummies to fix your relationships?), you are not alone. Gummies are everywhere, but are they helpful at all?

First things first: What are gummies?

If you don’t know what gummies are, imagine this: Your favourite candy when you were a child -- yes those gummy bears which you popped when you were bored; but along with the high sugar, the gummies of this century have an abundance of vitamins, proteins, and other whatever important minerals you need for the day. Sound likes a treat, no? 

Photo: Gummy Bears rep image/ Unsplash

In simple terms, gummies are a source of extra supplements that can be taken as required. These are chewable; so, the best alternative for people who hate swallowing pills. The rise of 'healthy gummies' in the last few years has been exponential. New-age companies are big into these over-the-counter healthy gummies. 

Before getting into whether they actually work or not, let us see some of the kinds of gummies that are available in the market:

Hair and skin gummies

The most common kind of gummies that are available in the market including in India are for hair and skin; the ones which promises to make your skin glowing or to make your hair better. 

Remember actress Shraddha Kapoor’s advertisement for the brand Power Gummies, which can be used as a supplement for better hair? Or Heena Khan promoting HK Vitals for 'maintaining youthful and radiant skin'? 

Vaginal health gummies

Gummies like these were first launched by self-proclaimed wellness guru Kourtney Kardashian. At $30 or Rs 2,500 a bottle, Kourtney Kardashian’s new vagina gummies promise to turn your [pussy cat emoji] “into a sweet treat,” helping it smell and taste better while supporting vaginal health, pH levels, and “freshness” (ok then).


However, this was met with a lot of backlash. How bad are they actually? We will get to that in a bit. 

Keto gummies

People are ready to do anything for the sake of losing weight, from following insane diets to working out round the clock and what not. These Keto gummies are supposed to help with weight loss. For instance, a Canadian brand called Enhanced Keto Gummies seeks to facilitate and enhance the fat burning process. 

These gummies improve weight loss by safely lowering stubborn belly fat.
-   Enhanced Keto Gummies

If you think that’s all, there are various other kinds that are floating in the market. 

Can you have them? 

We asked Anoushkaa Garsa, Dietician and Lifestyle Coach from Delhi, and she explained how while some of the gummies might work, most of them are just ‘marketing strategy’. 

For instance, for Keto diet gummies, she explains, just like the keto diet is a fad diet and not a sustainable way to lose weight, Keto gummies are the same.

I don’t think such gummies are beneficial for losing weight. It is just a marketing strategy. Whatever ingredients these gummies have, including artificial sugar, are not great for your body. 
- Anoushkaa Garsa

She explains that the best way to get the needed nutrients in your body is actually by getting them through your food and a balanced diet. Or, if you want, you can take Vitamin C and Vitamin B tablets.  


Now, for a brand like Kourtney’s vaginal gummies (lemme purr), Garsa explains that she does not believe such gummies work for vaginas. 

Protein is very important in your diet, and if you have enough protein in your diet, vaginal, hair, and skin health will be good. 
- Anoushkaa Garsa

Garsa however adds that not all gummies are bad. According to her, the ‘hair and skin gummies can still work’. 


Experts suggest that some gummies might do some good, but one needs to be very careful about the type of supplement you are choosing.

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