What is a weekend marriage? How does it work?

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaMar 04, 2023 | 08:00

What is a weekend marriage? How does it work?

The concept of weekend marriage is rising and people are looking at it as a way of not only saving their marriage but also spicing things up for them.

When it comes to saving a marriage, couples today are up for any kind of experiment and therapy. But now millennials are taking a step further and are seeing their partners only over the weekends.

The concept of weekend marriage is rising and people are looking at it as a way of not only saving their marriage but also spicing things up for them. Not to our surprise, this trend is getting viral in Japan and various couples are starting to open up their minds about this fairly new concept.


What is weekend marriage? 

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the pros of weekend marriage, let us first understand what weekend marriage is. Shreya Kaulm is a counselling psychologist from Delhi. She explains that weekend marriage is an agreement that a couple draws in regard to how they want to execute their marriage. 

It means, during the weekdays the couple could live apart and do their thing like work or whatever they want and spend their weekends together completely.
- Shreya Kaul

Marriage is synonymous with living together, but not everyone can.   

What are the reasons? 

There are various reasons why couples nowadays are openly accepting this:

  • The couple has different lifestyles due to work and cannot afford to live together because of their work. 
  • Both the partners are not ready to leave their house and the independence they have.
  • The couple marrying does not know each other and wants to experiment with how well they gel with each other, and they start small by staying together during the weekends.
  • Another reason weekend marriages are attractive is that they provide more quality time on weekends when both partners have more energy and are less likely to be distracted by work or other obligations.

However, there are some couples who just want to experiment and that's why they opt for weekend marriage. 

Now, there are cons: 

According to Shreya, the concept of weekend marriage can't be entirely good or bad. 

I think working on the logisitics, financial obligations will be difficult. "What if these two people are living in different cities? LIiving in different places adds to the financial burden.
- Shreya Kaul

She also adds that in such a setting, maintaining a boundary as to how to manoeuvre your relationship is actually difficult. 

If I'm spending two days out of seven days in a week with my partner, am I trying to only spend good time with them? Am I trying to not share everything? Am I just trying to monopolise on the happiness in the good times?
- Shreya Kaul

Can Weekend Marriage actually improve the quality of your marriage? 

As the experts say, there are various reasons why this concept might actually work: 

  • There is much more to look forward to (weekend), lots of intimacy, romance and surprises. 
  • Married couples who chose weekend marriage, according to experts, value each other a little more (since you get to see your partner only during the weekends). 
  • It gives the space that your partner might need -- so a lot of me time, which keeps your minds at peace and hence a better marriage.

Why it can work for GenZ 

The whole concept of marriage isn't really intriguing for GenZ anyway. But weekend marriages can be a thing since it is unconventional. Shreya explains that since the Gen Z is moving towards a very individualistic nature of functioning (that isn't to say that  it's denouncing family and people around them but there is more focus towards self) and realising that they do not want to give up as much of themselves for their significant other, this concept might work for someof them/

It is the best of both worlds as one could say, where I'm carrying on with my life the way I want to, but I'm also living with someone I love and want to be with over the weekend.

Can we see weekend marriage trends in India?

If we look at the experts' opinions and the current scenario in India, the concept of weekend marriage is fairly new, and it would be a long shot to say that it will be a trend in India.

In India, it's not just the couple that gets married, it is, in a way, a marriage of two families. So a marriage without all the conventions, would be difficult to be sustained in India.
Last updated: March 04, 2023 | 08:00
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