China's Zero Covid policy is now a plain nightmare for its people

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaNov 03, 2022 | 18:29

China's Zero Covid policy is now a plain nightmare for its people

China's war with Covid is not new. and often in this battle, the people in the country suffer the most. Due to its zero Covid policy, China often is seen to pull off stunts which put its people's lives in danger. 

Recently, videos on Chinese social media showed people running out of an Apple factory in Zhengzhou, which is run by Taiwanese electronics firm Foxconn. 
Workers were complaining about the living conditions inside the factory which was crumpled with the unruly Covid restrictions on the site. 


What came next? On Wednesday (November 2), Chinese authorities enforced a lockdown on 6,00,000 people in the area surrounding the world's largest iPhone production factory. Only medical vehicles and those delivering essentials are allowed on the streets.

Everyone except Covid-prevention volunteers and key personnel must not leave their dwellings except to undergo Covid tests and emergency medical care.
- Officials from central China's Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

What are the other complaints? Employees complained about terrible working conditions, shortage of supplies, and having to exit the factory on foot. 

Being paid is not important anymore, the most important thing is to survive
- A 30-year-old man working at Foxconn told AFP, saying he was staying at the factory because he was afraid of adding to an outbreak in his hometown.
Point to be noted: There are already many cities which are battling with harsh Covid norms imposed in various parts of China.

What's happening now? Apart from the panic and rush, China has caused for the people living in Zhengzhou, its harsh Covid policy has recently caused the death of a three-year-old, reported BBC.

The incident took place in the northwestern city of Lanzhou where a three-year-old boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning when medical care was delayed because of a Covid lockdown on Tuesday. Shockingly, Chinese local authorities apologised and admitted their fault for this disaster on Thursday (November 3). 

The Kid's death has provoked anger in Lanzhou and on social media/ BBC

Lanzhou has been closed down for a month now as part of China's draconian zero Covid policy, which has left millions of residents confined to their homes. People often complain about poor conditions, food shortages, and tardy emergency response.


People of Lanzhou also were filled with rage due to this incident and expressed their anger on Chinese social media. 

China's absurd zero-Covid policy: The 'zero-Covid policy', which is pushed by Xi Jinping, has resulted in a disaster. Frequent lockdowns, mass testing and curfews have all impacted the tourism and economy of China.

And the list goes on...

  • The latest reports from the World Bank show that China has seen a steep decline in its economy.
  • Youth unemployment reached a record high of 19.9 per cent.
  • The country's debt-laden property market, which high-profile defaults have rocked in recent years. 
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