Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan marries US-based former actor

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Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan marries US-based former actor

Reham Khan ties the knot with a former model-actor. Photo: DailyO

British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan, famously known for her short marriage with former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, has tied the knot for the third time. The 49-year-old just got married to former model-actor Mirza Bilal Baig in Seattle, US in a simple ceremony. 

Reham Khan made the announcement about her new married life in a few Instagram and Twitter posts. 


Who is Mirza Bilal Baig? Mirza Bilal Baig is a 36-year-old former model-actor who appeared in Pakistani shows like The 4 Man Show and Dil Pe Mat Le Yar.

  • Mirza Bilal is also a comedian, posting short comic sketches on social media usually on current affairs and satire. 
  • He is currently said to be a corporate professional. 
  • Baig was also reportedly married twice before and has a child from a previous marriage.
Reham Khan (R) married former model-actor Mirza Bilal Baig (L) in Seattle. Photo: officialrehamkhan/Instagram

The marriage: Reham Khan tied the knot with Mirza Bilal Baig in an intimate ceremony attended by the latter's parents, Khan's son and a Qazi to officiate their marriage. 

  • This is Reham Khan's third marriage. Khan was first married to Ejaz Rehman in 1993 with whom she had three children.
  • Ejaz Rehman and Reham Khan divorced in 2005. In 2015, Khan tied the knot with Imran Khan.

Reham Khan's marriage with Imran Khan: Reham and Imran Khan's marriage lasted only 9 months. 

  • Reham Khan has often remained in the limelight for her criticism of Imran Khan, even after he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • Her controversial memoir titled Reham Khan added fuel to the fire on her relationship with the former Pakistan Prime Minister. 
  • Reham Khan accused Imran Khan of being an authoritarian figure, a drug addict and a serial cheater. 

  • The journalist has been quite vocal about her criticism of her ex-husband even after her book's release, telling India Today TV a few months ago that the former Pakistan Prime Minister suffers from a God complex. 
  • Imran Khan has taken jabs at his ex-wife, claiming that she was paid to criticise him. 

Imran Khan was deposed as Pakistan's Prime Minister after he lost the confidence motion in the Parliament earlier this year. Since then scandal after scandal has come out against Khan.

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