Hey, Rahul Gandhi, Madhu Kishwar’s idea of free sex is brilliant. Take it!

Unlike other political schemes, at least something will cum of this, right?

 |  2-minute read |   30-01-2019
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Leading up to the Lok Sabha Election 2019, expect political discourse of varying kinds to take centre-stage. While some will promise to build temples, others will promise to bring a universal basic income for every Indian citizen, if they are voted to power.

Also, expect to see an Abbas Mastaan-esque twist in the discourse every once in a while.

And today is such a day.

So, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi recently announced that “the Congress is committed to a Minimum Income Guarantee for every poor person, to help eradicate poverty and hunger.” This, of course, is their promise if they win 2019's Lok Sabha chunaav.

Madhu Kishwar, activist, whose ‘right’ state of mind, to many, frequently appears as the wrong state of mind, found this promise to be completely absurd. So much so that she went on to tweet that Rahul Gandhi might as well promise “free sex for every adult male for a certain number of days every year!”

And, at the onset, let us just applaud Madhu Kishwar for recognising sex as one of the (most) basic needs of a human being — if not above, at least on par with roti, kapda and makaan.

Clearly, that is something Rahul Gandhi had overlooked. And other political leaders, too.

This one, Mr Rahul Gandhi, could potentially be the winning stroke. Not electing Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, but this.

For, what’s wrong with free sex? Can you imagine what wonders it would work on the bunch of stuck-up politicians who’ve otherwise had to content themselves with only watching porn in the House?

And for decades, Indians have voted for poverty to be eradicated, employment to be served on a platter, but nothing has come of it. This time, at least something will cum, right?

In fact, why should boys have all the fun?

We are offended that even in the hypothetical situation Ms Kishwar just created, she excluded women!

We’re not allowed to enter temples, we’re not eligible for the free sex yojna, is there anything we can do in this country apart from tweeting?


This is your chance, Mr Rahul Gandhi, carpe diem. Take Ms Kishwar’s advice and show the world where India’s soft power actually lies!

The only point we’d like to add to Rahul Gandhi’s updated manifesto is an emphasis on safe sex. As long as you are protected, my friend, you are protected.

And as for the rest of you, condom, not condemn.

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