Amazon Prime Video trolls Netflix over new password crackdown, and Internet is loving it

DailyBiteMay 26, 2023 | 14:58

Amazon Prime Video trolls Netflix over new password crackdown, and Internet is loving it

Amazon Prime Video mocks Netflix for anti-password sharing policy. Photo: DailyO

In 2017, Netflix once said, "Love is sharing password." Then it went to great lengths to ensure users don't share passwords with their friends or family. Now, nobody wants to let Netflix forget the 2017 comment.

After Netflix unveiled its new anti-password sharing policy for the US and some other countries, its rival Amazon Prime Video decided to take a dig at the streaming giant.


Prime Video's UK Twitter handle poked fun at Netflix using the 2017 tweet. The account quote-tweeted Netflix's comment with an image that read:

Who's watching: Everyone Who Has Our Password ❤️

We just hope that Amazon Prime Video doesn't go back on its words promoting password sharing in the future... just like Netflix did. 

Regardless, people on Twitter are loving Amazon's jibe at Netflix. 

Netflix's controversial anti-password sharing policy

Netflix was already restricting users from sharing their passwords and accounts in Canada and Latin American countries. Recently, it rolled out the policy to the US, the UK, and some other countries (India has been spared so far).

  • Netflix audience in the US can no longer share their accounts with those who are not part of one household. And Netflix household means those who don't live under one roof. 
  • Netflix doesn't consider a family member not living with you as your 'household'. 
Photo: Netflix
  • Instead, Netflix wants US users to pay a 'discounted' $8 for every additional person (not living under one roof) using their account. 
  • Netflix will ensure this household tyranny by making users connect their home TV as the primary device, logging in to users' physical and home location. 
  • At least Netflix rolled back its even more dumb and desperate policy that was leaked in February, which involved using connecting and reconnecting to WiFi every 30 days.

Not just Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to popular brands taking a dig at their rivals, Amazon Prime Video is not the only one. Recently, American OTT streaming service Peacock took a not-so-subtle dig at Max (formerly HBO Max) for dropping the first part of its name by saying that it will not be dropping its own first part of the name. Similarly, Samsung has often mocked Apple.

Last updated: May 26, 2023 | 14:58
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