BTS V reveals meaning of new album Layover on You Quiz On the Block

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaSep 08, 2023 | 12:53

BTS V reveals meaning of new album Layover on You Quiz On the Block

Fans eagerly anticipated BTS V's appearance on episode 210 of the South Korean show "You Quiz On the Block" after seeing fun and interesting snippets from the show. Finally, the full episode aired on September 7, on the show's official YouTube channel, reaching a worldwide audience.

The episode provided fans with a wholesome insight into the personality and life of K-pop boy band member BTS V, as well as his upcoming album, "Layover," which is set to be fully released on September 8.


These details offer a deeper understanding of the K-pop idol V, also known as Kim Taehyung, beyond his role in the BTS group.

The meaning of his album and more

  • On September 6, Taehyung made a special guest appearance on a new episode of 'You Quiz on the Block.' It marked his second appearance on the show; the first was with BTS in 2021, but this time, he was there as a solo artist.

  • During the interview, he surprised the hosts by revealing that the title track of his album, "Slow Dancing," would feature different dance routines for each performance, breaking away from the usual fixed choreography seen in K-pop.


"Actually, this time it’ll be a freestyle. It’s different every stage performance. Even for the dancers, it’s all different."

  • Taehyung also took the opportunity to reflect on his life and explain the meaning behind his solo debut album, "Layover."

"My album. it's layover. I think there's no straight line to my life's final destination. So the album's title implies that I, who'd been just running non-stop, look back and think about what I am good at, what I like and reach that destination at slower/steady pace."


  • He discussed the challenges of fame and how being a part of BTS has helped him become more resilient in dealing with negativity.

"In the past, if someone threw a stone at me, I would say, 'It hurts, hurts,' and I struggled. But now I often tell myself, 'I should not break because of that one small stone.' I am one of seven, and as that 'one,' I cannot be weak. I have to be strong.'"

  •  He also shared what he did with his first paycheck and how it was for his dad.
  • Additionally, Taehyung shared a touching moment involving his father, who became emotional when Taehyung expressed his aspiration to be like him during BTS's 2021 appearance on the show.

“My dad cried after watching that broadcast. My Dad called me, fought back tears then said, ‘Oh my! You did a good job.’“

V's episode on "You Quiz On the Block" is currently one of the most beloved episodes among fans of BTS, known as ARMYs, as it allows them to get to know their idol more intimately.

Layover is here!

Finally, the album release day for BTS V's "Layover" has arrived. September 8 was one of the most highly anticipated days for ARMYs.

The album consists of six songs, with 'Rainy Days' and 'Love Me Again' music videos having been released four weeks ago. 'Slow Dancing,' a piano version of 'Slow Dancing,' and 'For Us' are also included.

The song 'Slow Dancing' is out now, and fans are loving it after discovering that 'Layover' symbolizes a temporary pause between starting and reaching one's destination, fostering new challenges and unique pursuits for BTS members.

"Slow Dancing" draws inspiration from 1970s soul music, offering a soothing vibe, accompanied by a beautiful emerald ocean in its music video.

All the other two audio tracks on the album "Layover," 'Blue' and 'For Us,' have also been released.

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