How Gen Z turned Delulu into the only Solulu on Instagram and in life

Dristi Sharma
Dristi SharmaSep 16, 2023 | 15:00

How Gen Z turned Delulu into the only Solulu on Instagram and in life

Once upon a time, being delusional was considered an insult. But like everything else, we, Gen Z, have now changed the meaning of being delusional. In fact, being delusional is now seen as the solution to all your problems, from your love life to work. 

First, if you still don't know,

Here's what it means: 

Delulu = Delusional 

Solulu = Solution. 

Hence, when we say Delulu is the only Solulu, it means being unrealistic or overly idealistic for anything that is happening in your life. So, you can be delulu in various aspects of your life; and as we have said before, it can bring you good. 


The viral trend

From TikTok, the hashtag has spread to Instagram, and Twitter, and now has become a part of Gen Z lingo. For instance, on Instagram has more than 34k posts with the #delulu. 

Here are some of them: 

When did the trend start?

  • While 'delulu' has gained widespread usage on social media recently, its origins trace back to 2014 when it was coined within K-pop fan communities.
  • It was specifically employed to describe instances of delusional fan behaviour, such as the belief that one might have a romantic relationship with their idol.

Where can it actually be good?

Listen, delulu can be good. If you're wondering how, here are some instances: 

Use the Delulu in your workplace

Delulu is a strategy where having unwavering self-confidence can assist you in landing a coveted job or finally obtaining that awaited promotion.

For example, as Business Insider reported, a TikTok user managed to secure a position as a technical program manager at Google immediately after college, despite having limited industry experience, all thanks to her "delulu" approach.

We can say that being Delulu is the strongest form of manifestation. If you don't know manifestation, it basically means thinking positive and doing the work, and good things will come your way. 


In simple terms, if you think good, be delusional enough, and take action, you can reach the destination of success. 

But it's not all good

But here's the thing, it cannot be all good. You cannot be delusional when it comes to imagining your love life. Of course, you can be an idealist and can have really high standards so that you can meet someone good, but you cannot be so delusional that you don't see the red flags in your partner. 

So, like people on Insta say, it's good to be a little delulu than depressed. 

Last updated: September 16, 2023 | 15:00
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