New Dhinchak Pooja Anam Ali has a Martyrs' Day rap on Mahatma Gandhi after that cringe Bharat Jodo song

DailyBiteJan 31, 2023 | 15:04

New Dhinchak Pooja Anam Ali has a Martyrs' Day rap on Mahatma Gandhi after that cringe Bharat Jodo song

Anam Ali makes a rap song on Martyr's Day. Photo: DailyO

Some may find no appetite in political events. But there are others, who have turned up the notch on cringe level. After the painful rap on Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, 'artist' Anam Ali has now come up with another composition for Martyrs' Day.

First, we want you to listen to the ear-bleeding rap song as we did:


Gandhi Zinda Hai (Gandhi is Alive), is the title of the rap song. If you don't understand Hindi, here's a gist of what the lyrics mean:

  • Anam Ali basically wants to convey the message that Mahatma Gandhi is alive in every fight for truth and justice even today. (okay) 
  • She also recounted his struggles, the famous protest marches he led like the Dandi March, and the many titles to his name like Father of the Nation. (this is okay too)
  • Not to forget, Ali ensures to educate her listeners with a Wikipedia page on his education, all the way from Alfred High School in Rajkot to his London education. (ummm)
  • She also uses several adjectives to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi calling him a humanist to a football lover. (hold it) 

Did you know Gandhi loved football? I didn't. That's something to learn; thanks Anam Ali! Also, fact-checked, Gandhi did take an interest in football during his time in South Africa. 

So, who is Anam Ali?

Anam Ali who describes herself as a student, Ambedkar supporter, and a Congress party supporter, had also written a rap song for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra. The Bharat Jodo Yatra rap song went unexpectedly viral and even rocketed Dhinchak Pooja, a social media creator, to the top of the Twitter trending list, despite her having no connection with the rap song. 


People were busy comparing Anam Ali to Cringe Queen Dhinchak Pooja for creating... well... cringey songs??!! Some also called Anam the next Dhinchak Pooja. 

Anam Ali wanted her Bharat Jodo Yatra rap song to reach Rahul Gandhi himself, but whether he took notice or not, it did reach the notice of Rajasthan Congress Social Media Vice President Mohd Javed Warring, who appreciated Ali's skills. 

That's all folks.

Last updated: January 31, 2023 | 15:04
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