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Bakra eid, Coronavirus, Pakistan, India-chinadisengagement

DailyOh! Why Pakistan chose to not enter 1962 war on Chinese side

Islamabad tried to cut a deal with the US, showing its distrust for Beijing’s promises.


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Terrorists, Coronavirus, Osama Bin Laden, Imrankhan

DailyOh! What Imran Khan’s ‘martyr’ Osama bin Laden felt about 26/11 Mumbai attacks

If you wondered why people called the Pakistani PM ‘Taliban Khan’, Imran Khan has answered it is his country's Parliament.


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Coronavirus, Lockdown in bengaluru, Coronavirus in karnataka, Covid-19

Why Bengaluru needs a lockdown urgently

The sudden spike in cases reveals that the government’s contact tracing is no more functional. Health experts fear the situation might spiral out of control if the government doesn’t lock down the city immediately.


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Coronavirus, Rajnath Singh, Russia, India-chinarelations

DailyOh! Why Rajnath Singh is in Russia with Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe

In 1949, Mao Zedong was humiliated by Joseph Stalin in Moscow.


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Dexamethasone, Coronavirus, Galwan valley, India-china clash

DailyOh! The similarities between Chinese intrusions of 1967 and 2020

The 1967 September clash left 88 Indian soldiers martyred, while more than 300 Chinese army men were killed.


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Covid-19, Unlock 1.0, Fatality rate, Coronavirus

Why data says Gujarat, not Maharashtra, is top on Covid-19 tracker

Performance should be a measure of fatality rate and not the number of positive cases.


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Coronavirus, India-nepal border dispute, Suicide, Sushantsinghrajput

DailyOh! Untold story of Sushant Singh Rajput, to ‘map gap’ in Nepal’s claim over Indian land

The actor has gone leaving many questions. But should we try finding the answers?


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  2-minute read
Jw marriott, Coronavirus, Hospitality, Hospitalityindustry

Some good news from hospitality sector in the time of gloom

Adversity sometimes brings out the best in talented people. We can see it happening in our neighbourhood.


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Democracy, Desmond bernal, Covid-19, Coronavirus

Covid-19 needs a better discourse

We see man as the centre and controller of the earth, without realising the earth can do without us.


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Coronavirus, Havelock road, Parota, Blacklivesmatter

DailyOh! London’s Havelock Road may get a new name. What is its Kanpur connection?

The road could be named after Guru Nanak because that’s where mini Punjab is.