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Distress migration, Farmer suicides, Farming, Jharkhand

Jharkhand: No, farmers don’t want to give up farming. They want the government to make it more sustainable

A popular perception is that given a chance, farmers would give up agriculture. A recent survey finds that is not the case.


 |  5-minute read
India, Protests, Agriculture, Farming

Everyone is bored of farmer suicides

There is a sense of reductionism to the way we present a crisis.


 |  6-minute read
Farming, GM Crops

Genetically modified, so what?

Producing GM crops is not a grossly unnatural thing to do.


 |  Growing Pangs  |  4-minute read
Literature, Farming, Children's Books

Learn to grow: Why children must read books on farmers

It’s important that these stories go beyond outdated nursery rhymes, especially for kids, who are naturally curious about where their food comes from.