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S-400, Pakistan, Indo-US Tie, Foreign policy

India's grandstanding on 'strategic autonomy'

In mouthing rhetoric on ties with Russia and Iran, India is risking alienating a friendly USA. The gamble is not worth it.


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Sanctions, Pakistan, Iran, Foreign policy

How Donald Trump is compounding India’s foreign-policy challenges

By making New Delhi a key target of the extraterritorial effects of its sanctions on Iran and Russia, Washington is injecting new irritants in India-US ties.


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Iran Sanctions, Nikki Haley, Foreign policy, Indo-US relations

India-US ties are strong – but for a price

It wants India to break its relationships with Iran and Russia.


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Modi government, Foreign policy, Modi in sochi

Larger implications of Modi meeting Putin in Sochi for informal summit

It is now time for India to consolidate that position to become a formidable bloc for the international community.


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Foreign policy, India, Modi, Nepal

How Modi visit left Nepal's politics in a massive mess

Hours after the Indian PM left Kathmandu, his Nepali counterpart KP Oli was uncharacteristically apologetic.


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Ashraf Ghani, Taliban, Afghanistan, Foreign policy

Why India's Afghanistan challenges are only growing

Taliban and ISIS are competing with each other and, in the process, the level of destruction and mayhem is reaching the extreme.


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Foreign policy, Benjamin Netanyahu, India-Israel ties, Narendra Modi

Why Narendra Modi's visit to Palestine is a historic move

While ties with Israel are important, the government's decision to de-hyphenate the two will go a long way.


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Foreign policy, Diplomacy, Southeast Asia, ASEAN

Why India and ASEAN leaders need to create a roadmap for the future

India’s efforts to make itself relevant to the region come at a time of great turmoil in the Asian strategic landscape.


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China, Pakistan, Diplomacy, Foreign policy

Modi government can't afford to repeat foreign policy mistakes in 2018

We now need newer mechanisms simply to ensure things do not get out of hand.


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Pakistan, China, US, India

Why India can’t put all its eggs in the American basket

Both US and China use India and Pakistan respectively to further their regional interests.