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Polar bear, Climate change, Rio river tragedy, Jharkhand lynching

The World, This Week: Three images that broke my heart into three thousand pieces

We are often told to not dwell on sad sights. But confronted with these three pictures, how could I look away? The taste of their despair settled deep within my mouth.


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BJP, Jharkhand lynching, Lynching convicts, Jayant Sinha

Harvard-educated Jayant Sinha has shown BJP's real face

India has nose-dived into a black hole, hurling itself downwards at supersonic speed.


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BJP, Gau Rakshaks, Cow Vigilantism, Jharkhand lynching

Jharkhand lynching: Blaming the victim again

A murder is a murder. Whether the victims were ‘consuming beef’ or ‘stealing cattle’ does not make the crime any less.


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Vigilantism, Mob violence, Jharkhand lynching

With lynch squads taking over, the brutalisation of Indian society is acute

These events seem like fables mourning the death of humanity.


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Yogi Adityanath, BJP-ruled states, Jharkhand lynching

Lynchings and hate crimes: Modi and BJP's mask is finally off

The most telling thing is the circumspect silence maintained by leaders of note.


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Hindutva, Mohammad Akhlaq, Jharkhand lynching, Narendra Modi

Three years of Modi government has gifted India public lynching

The regularity of such crime in different parts of India in recent years is not due to lawlessness but because of the state sanction behind it.


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Jharkhand lynching

Jharkhand lynching: WhatsApp mobs are spilling blood of Indians

Seven people have been killed by frenzied mobs over suspicions of being 'child-lifters'.