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Karnataka, Fake news, Communal Polarisation, Postcard news

Shocking, why BJP leaders want the release of Mahesh Hegde — accused of spreading fake news

The Postcard News founder has also been charged with 'trying to promote communal enmity'.


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North-South divide, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Dravida Nadu

Why the chances of Dravida Nadu are no longer illusory

Ever since the adoption of Hindi as an official language, there were large-scale protests and resentment throughout southern India.


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Assembly Polls, BJP, Siddaramaiah, Karnataka

Congress has exposed itself in Karnataka by playing Lingayat politics

Ahead of the Assembly elections in Karnataka, chief minister Siddaramaiah has accorded the minority status to 'Lingayat and Veerashaiva Lingayats'.


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Siddaramaiah, BJP, Karnataka, Lingayat issue

Lingayat issue: What voters in Karnataka should know about dangers of divide-and-rule politics

In our diverse country, there are too many mores, customs and diversities at the disposal of politicians to drive a wedge between people.


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Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery water dispute, Supreme Court

Why Supreme Court's Cauvery verdict is a precursor to intense water wars ahead

This article is co-authored by Gauri Noolkar-Oak, a trans-boundary water conflict researcher, and Aditya Manubarwala, a trainee solicitor.


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River linking project, Siddaramaiah, Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu

Cauvery judgment: Is Tamil Nadu the winner or loser?

The state's reading is that in the long run, it will stand to gain. On the face of it, Karnataka can gloat that it now has to release 14.75 TMC feet less.


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Karnataka, Divya Spandana, Rahul Gandhi, Congress

In Karnataka, no one dares to upset Modi, not even Congress

Ahead of the elections in the state, the party doesn't want any of its leader doing a Mani Shankar Aiyar.


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India Today, BJP, Karnataka, Paresh Mesta murder

In defence of India Today's coverage of Paresh Mesta's murder

I reject every charge flung at both myself and the organisation in our illumination of the story.


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Siddaramaiah, Karnataka, Gauri Lankesh, Rahul Gandhi

Why Rahul Gandhi shouldn't have blamed BJP/RSS for Gauri Lankesh's murder

The Congress vice-president could have spoken on the killing after the guilty were brought to book.


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