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Mental Health, Healthcare facilities, Lockdown, Covid-19

How Covid-19 has impacted India's young

Access to essential health services has suffered a major setback, as the focus of India’s public health system shifted to managing and containing the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Ballet, Jazz, Lockdown, Covid-19 pandemic

How dancing can help you heal in Corona times

Dancing helps lift spirits, raise energy levels, and maintain mental health as self-isolation becomes a way of life.


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Road Accidents, Lockdown, Covid-19, Motorvehiclesact

How the MV Act and lockdowns reduced road accident fatalities

A year since the MVA was passed, road accident fatalities have fallen by 50 per cent, partly due to the MVA and partly due to lockdowns. Can we sustain the low fatality rate from here?


 |  6-minute read
Data samples, Lockdown, Covid-19, Researchmethodology

Methodological dilemmas: How lockdown took a toll on conducting qualitative research

The pandemic has evaporated many a future fieldwork plan, and the possibility of qualitative research in a similar vein appears to be precarious.


 |  4-minute read
Covid-19, Examinations, UGC, Lockdown

How UGC's adamance on college exams shows govt's disconnect with the youth

When the government had announced the lockdown, students left their books, belongings and almost everything while leaving for their homes hoping that the situation will get better soon.


 |  4-minute read
Weddings, Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, Lockdown

Why weddings cannot wait in Covid times

The pandemic has dented so many aspects of collective life over the past few months, but weddings are a different story.


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Nepalese labourers, Lockdown, Apples, Himachalpradesh

Dearth of helping hands in apple orchards

Orchard owners are worried as they have not been able to source the solidly-built Nepalese labourers needed for the harvest of the apple crop.


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Lockdown, Ludo, Covid-19, Jointfamily

Unsure about co-living in the Corona era? Just follow us Indians

Interesting stories have revealed how young adults in the West are finding it nerve-racking and daunting to live with their parents.


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Covid-19, Lockdown, Mental Health, Sushantsinghrajputsuicide

When dreams die young

What drives an otherwise normal and healthy person to take his or her own life? It is an extreme form of self-harm, which cannot be explained by ordinary standards of logic or reason.


 |  9-minute read
Bureaucracy, Red tape, Lockdown, Economic Reforms

Modi is not a philosopher, Mr Gupta. He is the Prime Minister

Philosophers have the luxury and liberty to dwell in the realm of ideas. It is different for the Prime Minister. When it comes to governance, the PM's ideas are only as good as their effective execution.