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Lok Sabha elections 2019, NRC, National register of citizens, Nellie massacre

Shadows of NRC: 35 years after 1983's Nellie massacre, why the issue of ‘foreigners’ in Assam is boiling

BJP president Amit Shah says NRC should be implemented nationwide. It has meanwhile hit problems even in Assam, which has faced the 'locals versus foreigners' debate for decades now.


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Bangladeshi illegal immigrants, Bangladesh, Immigration, NRC

Time for NRC in Bengal: Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are pouring into India from porous Bengal borders, endangering natives and their property

Illegal infiltration from Bangladesh into West Bengal has only multiplied over the years. Today, jihadi elements have also entered the routes. It's time for India to put our own security first.


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NRC, Himanta Biswa Sarma, অসম অ্যাকর্ড, Citizenship amendment bill

Why Assam, which stopped the Mughals, can’t stop Bangladeshis now

Many thought the BJP, which professed dedication to tackling illegal migration, would help matters. But hopes in Assam have been dimmed again.


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Illegal Immigrants, Citizenship amendment bill, NRC, Assam

Is there a solution to the NRC imbroglio in Assam?

The Assamese would like to protect their ancestral land, culture and identity, as well as a political majority in the state.


 |  8-minute read
Bangladesh, Bengalis, Cooch Behar, NRC

NRC and spillover politics: For Bengalis in Cooch Behar enclaves, home is where the hurt is

These Indian citizens have been reduced to 'dots' on the map of border politics.


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NRC, Assam, Muslims, Minorities

Why the new identity politics of nationalism hates the outsider

At one time, the country had the folklore, the myths, of coping with the outsider. Our culture was open and plural, but today he is seen as a threat.


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Supreme Court, Rajnath Singh, Citizenship, Assam

Why Assam NRC draft has thrown up a citizenship conundrum

The NRC has put the fate of 40 lakh people in the balance.


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Bangladeshi immigrant, Muslim, Congress, BJP

Muddying the Brahmaputra: How both Congress and the BJP are using Assam NRC draft for their own political ends

As the Lok Sabha polls near and a 40 lakh population awaits its fate, it's clear that both the parties are riding an NRC tiger they can't dismount.


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NRC, Immigration, Hindu, Pakistan

How the NRC turmoil is worrying Hindu refugees from Pakistan

The fate of 120 Hindu families from Pakistan depends on the government's decision.


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Bangladesh, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah, BJP

How the Assam NRC draft has left the BJP confused

While the party is keen to free India of illegal residents, it remains confused about the role it has to play in identifying them.