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Child sexual abuse, Sexual Abuse, Rituparna chatterjee, The water phoenix

The Water Phoenix charts a journey of healing from sexual abuse: Book review

Rituparna Chatterjee’s memoir The Water Phoenix is proof you don’t have to burn yourself to your regeneration.


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Sporting culture, Children's safety, Sexual Abuse, Murder

When kids commit murder: Chilling details about a Class 7 boy’s torture and killing in Dehradun exposes how we are crushing our children's psychology

A 12-year-old boy was stripped, force-fed using toilet water and thrashed mercilessly till he died. His assailants are allegedly his 19-year-old school seniors. What are we doing to our children today that is turning them into killers?


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Women's Safey, Sexual Abuse, Sexual predators, Sexual harassment at the workplace

From pinched bottoms to bruised souls: When will Indian society let even one woman say, no, not MeToo?

Uncles, doctors, professors, strangers — we've all had predators violating us time and again. I have, too. And we've often failed to retaliate the right way. I have, too. This is my story.


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Muzaffarpur, Gangrape, Kathua, 2018

Looking back: How friendly was 2018 for our children?

From Kathua to Muzaffarpur, the past year has been full of darkness for our kids. It's high time 2019 brought them better, safer tidings.


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Metoo movement, Sexual Abuse, Sexual misconduct, Victim-blaming

#WhyIDidntReport: 2018 is not just the year of #MeToo but also of how to shame survivors of sexual abuse

The accounts of women like Padma Lakshmi and Tanushree Dutta show why survivors don't report rape and harassment.


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Muzaffarpur shelter abuse, Sexual Abuse, Monk, Bodh gaya

Bodh Gaya: The monk who turned predator

Bhante Sangh Priya has been sent to two weeks’ judicial custody for sexually abusing minor boys.


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Brajesh thakur, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Rape

Bihar shelter home case: How everybody compromised the 'system'

The Balika Grih which is at the heart of the shelter home sexual abuse horror was paid Rs 40 lakh a year by the social welfare department.


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Molestation, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Goat raped

8 men rape pregnant goat in Haryana: Is it time we pack men off to Mars?

We cannot afford to leave women (now, even animals) to the bestiality of men.


 |  It Could Happen to You  |  4-minute read
Sexual Abuse, Unnao, Kathua, Child Rape

Why do men rape children? This is what experts told me

Justice must be swift.


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Pocso act, Sexual Abuse, Rape of minors, Death for child rape

Why death penalty to child rapists fails to address the real problem

The article has been co-authored by child rights activist Musab Omer and Amity University professor Zubair Nazeer.